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Prodigy Finance - September, 18 2023

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Our mission is to make quality education accessible for all - globally.

Coming from a 3rd world country, my journey to pursue a top MBA in Europe has been an interesting one to say the least. Especially these days, living overseas amidst a global lockdown.

So I would like to share my knowledge with those now planning to pursue their own dreams of studying abroad.

A key factor is networking and you will learn how important this is for finding information about companies, connecting with people, and gaining insights.

If you feel unsure where to start, are perhaps wondering ‘is it still a good idea to study abroad?’, or are just looking for new ways to achieve your dreams, here are a few links that I hope can help:

The Forum on Education Abroad is a non-profit association recognized by the USA Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission as the Standards Development Organization in the field of education abroad. According to its website - “The Forum on Education Abroad cultivates educators who champion high-quality education abroad experiences that ignite curiosity, impact lives, and contribute to a better world. The Forum also provides resources and training to education abroad professionals.” They also provide a forum for those seeking to apply abroad for jobs.

Founded in 2003 by a group of friends, Student Edge, with its Student Edge Youth Forums brings you the latest news, job listings and study material needed for your Masters degree among other features.
Looking for International Student Blogs & Forums? Look no further than International Student - a wonderful place for global students to interact in a forum and learn from the many experiences that come with studying abroad.

Yocket (LinkedIn or Facebook group for 2021 intake) – this platform offers great advice for international students, with tips and advice on recruitment. They also provide insights to those special exams, such as: Test Prep, GRE, GMAT, and SAT.

For those looking to do an MS in the US, then another couple of really useful Facebook groups to join are MSDorm and Imperial Overseas Education.

ApplyBoard – this is great for students who are not quite sure which is the best course for them, or are confused about which degree or masters to apply for. Their team of experts can help you narrow down your choice, as well as help with the application process. They also provide guidance on visas for international students, including the OPT visa. Now I know you must be breathing a sigh of relief, right? If not then STOP, inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale all that stress.... Feeling better now??

The MBA Tour – for those looking at MBA programs, this one's for YOU. That’s all I’m going to say, just click on the link and you’ll see why.

International Study Abroad Network – this is for those who know what to study but have no idea where to study. They have great advice and lots of webinars showcasing different places to study from around the world.

Prodigy Finance (you're already here!) - looking for an institution that can provide loans for international students? Here is your answer. The best part is you only start paying back monthly instalments 6 months after you finish your studies. STOP, take a minute, and read that last sentence again. I hope this helps reduce some more of the stress?

Top reasons why I want to study abroad

Ever wondered what the benefits are of studying abroad? In fact, there are many, but let's look at some of the popular reasons:

  1. It will improve your language skills: Living abroad can help you master a foreign language
  2. Open to new learning opportunities: A new school with new a new environment can help you access an international education
  3. Finding overseas job opportunities: Many overseas student visas enable part-time work options.
  4. Traveling to other parts of your study country: You can explore your country of study or nearby countries depending on your study visa
  5. Meet new people: Make lifelong friends in a different country or expand your networking which can create business partnership opportunities.
  6. Getting life experience: This is one of the main benefits of studying abroad. You'll discover how to plan your life so that it fits into a single bag, how to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and how to be independent and self-sufficient.
  7. Personal Development: You will learn to grow independently learning valuable life lessons.
  8. Career Opportunities: You may just find new employment in your study country with a chance of greater earning potential.
  9. See the world: Experience the beauty of other countries.
  10. Take in new cultures: Have lots of fun along the way learning cultures.

Study Abroad Programs in the world?

Prodigy Finance offers student loans for many courses in the world. Have a look at these popular courses and places from our Study Abroad Centre:

Popular courses:

  • Business
  • STEM
  • Public Policy
  • Law
  • Health Sciences

Popular places to study:

  • The USA
  • The UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Australia

Helping you find the best study abroad programs is what I am here to do - If you want to know about Master’s Engineering salaries by field of study, or if you need an answer to the question, “Why study overseas?”, why not check out our Study Centre, or ask one of our Prodigy Finance Ambassadors about their Study Abroad experience.

For any other information about Prodigy Finance, or our student loan process, feel free to browse through our website, or register for a webinar to have your questions answered by one of our team.

What benefits does studying abroad have for academics?

  1. It will Improve your intercultural skills
  2. Gain an internship opportunity
  3. Higher quality of education

Top study abroad websites

Here are a few websites that you can also try looking at:

Study in Africa includes an extensive list of study abroad programs offered by U.S. institutions, with descriptions, contact information, and links for email and websites.

Freeman Scholarships for undergraduates with financial need to study in Asia.

Study in Australia the official Australia Government website for international students.

Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the NIS
American Association of Teachers of Slavic & East European Languages (AATSEEL) is, a website which includes study abroad internships and career information related to Central and East European country studies.

Western Europe
American-Scandinavian Foundation includes a list of abroad programs in all Scandinavian countries, including U.S.sponsored programs. Cultural Vistas offers several paid study-internship programs in Germany for students, graduates, and professionals. It assists with program information and listings of internships. Cultural Services of the French Embassy site for information on The Teaching Assistant Program in France, and more. German Academic Exchange Service provides official information on direct enrollment, degree studies, and scholarships information for Germany. Universities in the UK provides information about studying abroad in the UK.

Middle East
AMIDEAST's Guide to Study Abroad is the website of the America-Mideast Educational & Training Services, Inc.

I can't believe that the time went by so quickly. Just the other day people were sending me well wishes for my studies and expressing their wishes of support for my success. My studies are about to come to an end, and as I look back on all the hard work, the tears, rewarding moments, meeting new people from around the world… I can truly say it is definitely worth it.

As people, we are strong willed and ‘make do’ with what is in front of us. Right now, take a few breaths, say to yourself, “I got this!!!” and follow your heart.

You, and you alone, know what you want to achieve and why.

Take that first step.

I wish you the best of luck for your studies abroad.

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Prodigy Finance provides loans to international students pursuing their masters at top schools across the globe.

If you want to know about Master's Engineering salaries by field of study, or if you need an answer to the question, “Why study overseas?”, why not check out our Study Centre, or ask one of our Prodigy Finance Ambassadors about their Study Abroad experience.

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For any other information about Prodigy Finance, or our student loan process, feel free to browse through our website, or register for a webinar to have your questions answered by one of our team.

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