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What we do

Prodigy Finance provides borderless postgraduate student loans to international students to attend a top school. These loans are collectively funded by a community of alumni, institutional investors and qualified private investors. The student borrowers gain access to higher education that they might not otherwise be able to finance, and the investing community earn a competitive financial and social return through their investment in future leaders and higher education.


Many international postgraduate students find it difficult to fund their degrees as banks are reluctant to lend across borders. We bridge this financing gap by lending to postgraduate students from up to 150 countries who are travelling abroad for their studies.

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Prodigy Finance’s international education loans are financed by alumni, institutional investors and qualified private investors who want an investment product which delivers both competitive financial returns and social benefits through investment in future leaders and higher education.

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We work with the Financial Times top ranked schools and our tailored loan solutions enabling them to recruit the best postgraduate students, regardless of their nationality or financial means. To learn more about how to launch a programme at your institution, contact schools@prodigyfinance.com.

Community stories

Portrait of Wadzanai Katsidzira, INSEAD '12 student
INSEAD expanded my world view in more ways than I had anticipated...
-Wadzanai Katsidzira, Student, INSEAD ‘12. Read more >
Portrait of Antoine, a French investor of INSEAD '97'
A great, smart combination of social purpose and sound financial returns.
-Antoine, French Investor, INSEAD ‘97
Portrait of Jerry Joseph Henry, Oxford '14 student
I will be heading to Oxford… another dream checked off my list.
-Jerry Joseph Henry, Student, Oxford ‘14. Read more >

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Find out how to earn competitive financial returns with social benefits by investing in future leaders and higher education.

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Find out how to fund your international postgraduate studies with a borderless and competitive loan with no co-signor required.