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In exchange for some additional details about your plans, you’ll receive a customized quote. If you’re still deciding where to study, you can submit an application for each school and compare offers.


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Accept the quote that’s right for you and upload a few documents. We’ll finalise our risk assessment, and you’ll join our waitlist while we confirm available funding.


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We’ll match your application with the funds we’ve raised from our community of investors. If you’re matched, we’ll notify you so you can commit to your loan and get an official letter to use when applying for your visa.


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Sign your loan when you land on campus, and your money is on the way! We send funds straight to your school, so you don’t have to worry about making complex international transfers.


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Soak up campus life and share your story with the next batch of international grads. Payments don’t start until 6 months after classes end if you study full time, so you can focus on getting your degree and landing that dream job.

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An easier way to pay back your loan

Track payments from our mobile app.
Flexible repayment terms - 7 to 20 years.
Start paying 6 months after classes end.
Pay early to save on interest, no penalties.

Here's a representative example

Education loan amount example

Amount borrowed
USD 40,000
5% admin fee
USD 2,000
Amount financed
USD 42,000

Interest rate example

We use simple interest rates which are made up of two components: a fixed margin and a base rate. The fixed margin is a simple percentage tailored to your application. The base rate is an international floating rate that will change throughout the life of your education loan. We currently use 3-month LIBOR.

Fixed margin rate
Variable 3-month LIBOR
Variable interest rate

Education loan repayment example

Monthly amount due
USD 631
Repayment period
10 years
Total amount payable
USD 74,441




APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a rate that shows your total cost of borrowing, including the interest rate and any fees or additional costs. When comparing education loan offers from different lenders, it’s best to use APR rather than monthly interest rate. Your monthly interest rate will always be lower than APR because it only represents part of the total cost of your loan.

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Terms and conditions

6.7% is the minimum possible Annual Percentage Rate you could be offered. This APR assumes a 5.6% fixed margin rate, a 0.2% variable base rate (3-mon USD LIBOR as of 8 Apr 2021), and a 5% administration fee. The actual rate offered will depend on your circumstances, loan amount and term, and may differ from the minimum and/or the average representative APR shown in our representative example above.

The average APR for student loans is 10%.

To qualify, borrowers must meet Prodigy Finance eligibility and underwriting requirements.

Prodigy Finance reserves the right to vary or discontinue its student loan product at any time without notice.


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