International student perspective: How the INSEAD MBA experience helped José start his business

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Jose Jimenez - July, 27 2021

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José Manuel Suarez Jimenez, from Colombia, graduated from INSEAD with the 2013 class.

Since completing his MBA at INSEAD he has been promoted to Director of sales, distribution and risk solutions at Scotiabank of Colombia as well as starting up his own business.

Read more about José's experience at INSEAD and how completing his MBA gave him the confidence to follow his entrepreneurial dreams.

What were you doing before you went to INSEAD?

I was working as the Head of Structured Products at Banco Colpatria in Colombia.

I had classes literally with people from all over the world with very different academic and cultural backgrounds and in three different continents. The diversity I experienced while at INSEAD changed my mindset and the way I see the world.

I still kept my job but I have started my own business thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit I experienced at INSEAD.

What opportunities has Prodigy Finance and getting your MBA opened up for you?

Prodigy Finance helped me get access to the No 1 MBA program in the world, whereas getting my MBA has led me to start my own business.

You are currently working in Colombia, what are you doing there and was there a particular reason you moved back after doing your MBA?

I have been promoted to director of sales, distribution and risk solutions at Scotiabank Colombia. At the same time I am starting my own business together with a friend.

I decided to go back to Colombia since one of my motivations to do an MBA was to contribute to my country’s development.

What are your thoughts on the community model of Prodigy Finance, in particular, that alumni are investing in MBA students?

This is such a great model as previous students really know what the benefits of obtaining funding to experience an MBA are.

What was your experience like with the Prodigy Finance application process and the customer service you received?

There was always a great level of support from Prodigy Finance during all the phases of the application process. It was a very smooth and quick process. Customer service was always great.

What are the 3 tips you would give to incoming business school students based on your experiences?

  • Plan well in advanced funding opportunities
  • Time goes by so fast, so enjoy every single minute of your MBA and;
  • Identify and exploit networking opportunities for your future that will arise during your MBA.

Are you set on an MBA from INSEAD?

Once you get in, Prodigy Finance can help you out. In fact, our first international student loans were offered to INSEAD MBA candidates.

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