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Don't give up your dream on account of the tuition fee

Marisa Louza Rodrigues - April 08, 2013

Lisbon, Portugal. Tuesday, March 26th.First Prodigy Ambassadors coffee chat in town.

It had been almost two weeks since I volunteered to represent INSEAD alumni at an MBA fair. I decided to take the opportunity to meet potential future MBAs and present Prodigy Finance. Why? Because financing the program is the most common question candidates have when applying. It was my most dreadful fear as well that I would not be able to find enough funding. My ambition here was to make sure people would not refrain from applying because they do not have the full tuition fee available in their pockets. I imagined how reassuring it would have been to have had an alum tell me about his/her experience with Prodigy.

I decided to have an “ informal info session” to encourage spontaneous questions. I booked a table at my favorite café in Lisbon and during two hours gave my full attention to three prospective students who were very thankful that I took my time to help them. Especially in a country that is struggling to get out of the economic crisis, the situation can be frightening. Banks are reluctant to give loans, and people have seen their purchasing power shrink significantly. How can I possibly pre-agree to pay €50,000+? Will I have to give up my dream? I had these anticipated, unasked questions in my mind when I got to the café. I also brought updated information on average loan conditions, but I have myself a Prodigy loan to repay.

Speaking about my own experience brought legitimacy to my speech and set my counterparts at ease to ask questions they would probably not have asked if it were with an “official” Prodigy representative. I think that is the beauty of the Prodigy Ambassadors Program. I was not there to sell a loan, I was there to tell them that making their dream come true is possible. Now I am excited to see them become future Prodigy Ambassadors.

To learn more about the Prodigy Ambassadors Programme, or to read bios of the other volunteer ambassadors, visit our Ambassadors' page

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