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Spotlight on Michigan Ross Business School

Prodigy Finance - July 26, 2018

Ready to learn everything you need to know about business masters degrees at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business? You're in the right place!

Prodigy Finance looks at MS engineering salaries and MBA programmes

Founded in 1817, the University of Michigan is the state’s oldest university and widely regarded as one of the foremost public research universities in the world

In addition to consistently high rankings among the various schools and departments, there is a real focus on the individual throughout the university.

And, though it’s set in a smaller city, the number of opportunities, especially for Ross MBA candidates is truly impressive. 

University of Michigan fast facts

Public university

University enrollment: 46,002

Living alumni: 526,000+

Graduate students: 16,161

International enrollment: 7046

International grad students: 4895

MBA class of 2019: 422

Women MBAs: 43%

International MBAs: 34%

MBA countries represented: 45

Where is the University of Michigan? 

  • City: Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
  • City population: 120,782, with a metropolitan population of 3,734,090
  • Region: Midwest
  • Climate: Midwestern humid continental climate type: winters are cold and snowy (Jan avg: -4.2°C/24.5°F); summers are warm to hot and humid (Jul avg: 22.6°C/72.6°F)
  • Nearest airport: Detroit Wayne County (DTW)
  • Time zone: EST from November-March (GMT -5); EDT from March to November (GMT-4)

What can you study at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business?

The Ross School of Business does consistently well in all sorts of rankings, beyond the Financial Times (where it’s ranked 5th for US business schools)

It sits in 11th on the U.S. News & World Report full-time MBA list and 12th according to the Economist, Forbes, and Businessweek.

No matter how you dice it, this is an incredible school - and this is what you can study while you’re there: 


FT Rank



Full-time MBA


2 years


Executive MBA


21 months


Master of Accounting


8 months


Master of Management

no rank available

10 months


Master of Supply Chain Management

no rank available

11 months


Michigan Ross job placement

87% of 2017 Michigan Ross MBA grads are career switchers, making the salary and timing statistics even more impressive. Nearly 90% of grads accepted a job offer before graduation - and that figure jumps to 95% when considering just the international student population.

The median base salary is $123,000, though obviously there is some differentiation between industries, job functions, and locations.

According to Michigan Ross’ career services department, over 75% of accepted positions were facilitated by the school through on-campus recruitment activities, school-facilitated internships, and faculty and alumni networking. Additionally, the school has over 80 MBA peer career coaches, reportedly more than any other MBA programme. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t set on making the Midwest your home. Michigan Ross MBA grads secure positions across the country and the world; slightly more than a third of MBAs remain in the Midwest. 2017 MBA career destinations include

  • Midwest: 34.6%
  • West: 32.1%
  • Southwest: 4.1%
  • South: 3.1%
  • Mid-Atlantic: 3.1%
  • Northeast: 15.4%
  • International: 7.5%

Prodigy finance blue
2017 MAs receiving offers within 6 months of grad
Prodigy finance blue
median base salary for 2017 MBAs in consulting positions
Prodigy finance blue
MBAs receiving job offers within 3 months of grad
Prodigy finance blue
of 2017 MBAs accepted US employment
TIP: In late March, registration begins for on-campus recruiting. By mid-May, interview and event dates are confirmed. But, there are always opportunities to connect with potential employers; it’s best not to think of recruitment as a single period or specific semester activity.

What's it like to live at the University of Michigan?

Ann Arbor is both physically and mentally far away from the big cities of Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix, but you shouldn’t box it as a small, Midwest college town. There is plenty to recommend life at the University of Michigan.

For a start, the city is regularly considered for positive living awards: happiest city to live in and most creative city are just a couple of the recent accolades.

There are plenty of on-campus as well as off-campus housing options - and meal plans can be used with either to help offset costs. Students make use of the campus bus system during the winter months - and, though it’s available year-round, many enjoy walking or cycling when the weather is warmer.

All in, campus life is rich, and there is a continual stream of diversions and activities, not to mention the myriad of clubs and student-driven off-campus opportunities. This is really the Midwest at its best. 

How to get into Michigan Ross

The acceptance rate for MBA seats falls around 25%, though some years are even more selective, and you don’t know who you’ll be up against, so you’ll truly need to focus on crafting the best application you can.

As with all MBA programmes, candidates need to demonstrate their ability to work well with others. But, Michigan Ross places a lot of emphasis on each individual and this must come out in your application. You’ll want to show self-awareness and your personal motivations, goals, and strengths as much as your team-player skills.

This focus on the individual comes through in the sheer amount of customisation you can pursue during your time at Michigan Ross - and you should be able to show how you can use the location of Ann Arbor as a springboard rather than believing yourself to be “stuck” in the Midwest.

Engaging in MBA fairs or Michigan Ross webinars is strongly recommended by the ad comms; if you can afford it, a campus visit is encouraged.

Interviews, for those that receive an invitation to one, are conducted on-campus (where possible) and with alumni in various parts of the world (when needed). If you haven’t visited previously, it may be worth the travel.

While competitive, the focus of your application should be providing the ad comm with a genuine picture of yourself rather than test scores and GPAs. Of course, you’ll still want to strive for the best you can, keeping these stats in mind:

  • Average undergrad GPA: 3.46
  • Average GMAT scores: 716
  • Median TOEFL score: 107 iBT
  • Average years of work experience: 5.5

Michigan Ross MBA deadlines: 2019/20

Application due

Decisions released

Round 1

1 October 2018

21 December 2018

Round 2

7 January 2019

15 March 2019

Round 3

18 March 2019

10 May 2019

Michigan Ross MBA admissions details

Application fee: $200

Resume: required, preferably 1 page

Required essays: 2, optional statement available

Recommendations: 1, completed online

GMAT test: required, no min score

GRE test: accepted in place of GMAT

GPA: no min specified

Language test: required for non-native English speakers unless undergrad was completed in English; TOEFL is preferred, PTE is accepted

  • Min TOEFL score: 100+ recommended
  • Min PTE score: 70+ recommended

MBA cost of attendance (for 2018/19 academic year)

Tuition: $68,646

Registration fees: $328

Books and supplies: $1716

Food and housing: $15,570

CoA for 1 year: $92,612*

*This is the amount candidates will need to secure to complete the I-20 form required to aapply for a study visa

TIP: Michigan Ross has an MBA admissions blog and a complete FAQ section in addition to hosting webinars. You should never have to guess at what’s needed to increase your chances of acceptance. In fact, there’s so much information available that it will be immediately clear if you haven’t taken advantage of it.

Does the University of Michigan offer scholarships to international students?

In addition to the private scholarships you can (and should apply for), all applicants to Michigan Ross’ MBA programme are considered for school scholarships - and that includes international applicants.

Scholarship amounts range from $10,000 to the full cost of tuition (that doesn’t include living expenses) and aren’t negotiable. If selected for a scholarship, you’ll be notified when you receive your acceptance to Michigan Ross’ MBA programme.

These scholarships are granted based on academic ability, community contribution potential, and previous achievements in professional and personal areas. Consider it an enticement to really show what you can do in every aspect of your application.

Prodigy Finance international student loans for the University of Michigan

Prodigy Finance offers loans for international masters students at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Students from supported countries pursuing masters programmes that can be completed in less than 2 years are eligible to apply.

  • Maximum loan amount: up to 80% Cost of Attendance (as approved by the university), minus scholarship and sponsorship
  • Minimum loan amount: $15,000
  • Typical interest rates: 6-7.5% (fixed) over the 3-month USB Libor base rate (variable)
  • All loans disbursed directly to the university according to due dates

Prodigy Finance also supports loans for University of Michigan students pursuing masters degrees at these schools:

Calculate the 20 year returns from studying a Master’s degree.

Please enter a number between $ 20,000 and $ 225,000.
Please enter a number between $ 2,000 and $ 200,000.
Please enter a number between $ 2,000 and $ 250,000.
Please enter a number between 0% and 5%.

Total 20 year earnings

You would earn Help over 20 years if you did a Master’s degree.

Without a Master's degree

With a Master's degree

Ready to transform your future with a MBA from Michigan Ross?

Prodigy Finance provides loans to international masters students pursuing their masters degrees at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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