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Prodigy Finance - July 06, 2018

Ready to learn everything you need to know about engineering and STEM masters degrees at Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering? You're in the right place!

Located just east of Phoenix, Arizona, ASU is one of the largest public universities in the United States - and it definitely has a strong research focus. Originally founded in 1885, ASU’s long history has developed numerous notable alumni.

The university as a whole occupies the top spot (for public institutions) for the hosting of international students.

Overall, there are more than 12,000 international students from 136 countries, which means you’re likely to feel right at home - no matter where you’re from.

Where is Arizona State University?

  • City: Tempe, Arizona (AZ)

  • City population: 182,498, with a metropolitan population of 1.615 million

  • Region: Southwest

  • Climate: Hot desert climate: winters are mild to warm (Dec mean: 13°C/55.4°F) with rare snowfall; summers are hot (Jul mean: 34.9°C/94.8°F)

  • Nearest airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

  • Time zone: MST (GMT -7)

ASU fast facts

Public university

University enrollment: 98,146

Living alumni: 500,00+

Full-time graduate students: 12,630

Engineering grad students: 3806

Engineering masters students: 2710

International masters eng students: 1353

Countries represented in engineering: 121

Most represented countries in engineering: India, China, Iran, Taiwan (China), Saudi Arabia

What can you study at ASU Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering?

In addition to the better-known departments and degrees, the Polytechnic School that falls within the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering has several specialised masters degrees - and amazing research and practical facilities to support all the students pursuing them.

School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Rank: 29 comp/ 17 indus

Degrees: 1. MS in Computer Engineering 2. MS in Industrial Engineering

Interested in Computer or Industrial Engineering at ASU Fulton?

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Rank: 32 elec / 29 comp

Degrees: 1. MS in Electrical Engineering 2. MSE in Computer Engineering

Interested in Electrical and Computer Engineering at ASU Fulton?

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

Rank: 27 aero / 47 chem/ 37 mater /48 mech


  • MS in Aerospace Engineering

  • MSE in Chemical Engineering

  • MS in Materials Science and Engineering

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering

Interested in Matter, Transport and Energy Engineering at ASU Fulton?

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment

Rank: 30


  • MSE in Civil Engineering

  • MS in Construction Engineering

  • MS in Construction Management

  • MSE in Sustainable Engineering

Interested in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at ASU Fulton engineering?

The Polytechnic School

Rank: 13 enviro /17 manu /various


  • MS Tech in Aviation Management and Human Factors

  • MS in Engineering

  • MS in Environmental and Resource Management

  • MS Tech in Environmental Technology Management

  • MS Tech in Graphic Information Technology

  • MS in Human Systems Engineering

  • MS in Information Technology

  • MS Tech in Management of Technology

  • MS in Manufacturing Engineering

Interested in The Polytechnic School at ASU Fulton engineering?

ASU Fulton engineering job placement

Engineering is clearly a focus for Arizona State University, having gone from just one engineering career day on camus a decade ago to more than 14 career days for engineering students. And, the list of companies participating in these events continues to grow.

Students have access to participating companies beforehand, and growing numbers of companies remain on campus to interview students privately after the event.

In addition to career fairs, students have access to a full range of services, and a dedicated platform for job placements.

International students can also sign up for information sessions pertaining to their visa options, and it’s strongly recommended that all do so, even if they don’t plan to remain in the United States.

in US for innovation (US News and World Report)

of eng grad students are paid for internships

focused engineering career days held annually

of grad students get 1+ offer within 90 days of graduating

What's it like to live at Arizona State University?

At ASU, it seems remarkably easy to slip into life on campus; they really do make it easy to find your way around - even before you arrive. Everything from housing to on-campus transportation is clearly laid out for incoming grad students.

ASU provides a number of on-campus housing options to suit most budgets; this includes both apartments and dorm-style arrangements. They also support students with a firm desire to live off-campus, though international students may find it easier on their budgets to apply for on-campus options.

As for meal plans, these are not only suggested by the university, but there are enough options that even students in apartments are likely to find benefit in having one. The costs for these meals are reasonable, and do help in planning your budget.

The university operates both on-campus buses and shuttles between the Tempe and tech campuses, which makes it very easy to get between classes and workshops, but you can also walk or bike with the many days of beautiful weather in this part of the country.

There are a multitude of clubs and associations to become involved with and an amazing fitness centrefor those that want to keep in shape. Basically, everything is at your disposal and the ASU website makes it easy to plan this part of your international stay.

TIP: When budgeting and planning your ASU life, you’ll find it helpful to refer to the Graduate Student Resources which will point you in the direction of all the university services you can make use of.

How to get into ASU Fulton Engineering

Interestingly, ASU engineering makes a point of stating that English proficiency is key for studying with them. This signifies a couple of things.

First, they expect and are interested in international applicants. And, secondly, that they’re looking for anyone that’s put a lot of emphasis on language and communication.

Not only does that mean that non-native English speakers should spend time with their TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE tests, but they’ll want to put extra efforts into crafting their Statement of Purpose (SOP) essay.

Additionally, it’s critical to pay attention to the specific criteria set aside by each department as there are plenty of variations between them. Wherever possible, try to exceed the current exam averages as this school is becoming increasingly more competitive.

  • Average GRE scores: 150 verbal, 162 quantitative, 3.4 analytical writing
  • Mean TOEFL score: 100 iBT, 543 pBT

ASU Engineering admissions details

Admission deadline: varies by department; priority admissions deadlines available for many departments

Application fee: $90

Resume: usually required, though some programmes cite it as optional

SOP essay: required for most programmes; some require a Personal Statement which may have different objectives

Recommendations: most departments stipulate 3, some (like biomedical) only require 2

GRE test: required, and some departments provide min scores of: 146+ verbal, 159+ quantitative, 4.0+ analytical writing; other departments don’t have specific minimums

GPA: some departments provide a min of 3.0, others suggest no min scores or higher mins

Language test: required for non-native English speakers; exemptions are possible; TOEFL, IELTS and PTE tests are accepted

Min TOEFL score: 79 iBT (80 aero) (100 chem) (90 comp)

Min IELTS score: 6.5 (7 chem + comp)

Min PTE score: 60 (65 chem)

ASU engineering CoA (for 2018/19 academic year)

Tuition and fees: $25,046

Books: $628

Supplies: $426

Housing: $8460

Meals: $3348

Transportation: $3180

Personal: $3628

Health insurance: $1875

Visa admin charge: $200

Loan fees: $158

Total CoA for 1 year: $46,846

Does Arizona State University offer scholarships to international students?

There are Teaching Assistant (TA) and Research Assistant (RA) positions available at ASU Fulton. Eligibility varies by department, and you’ll need to really dig into your research focuses to find an opportunity that’s right for you.

However, students may want to focus first on the fellowships available to graduate engineering students. During the 2017/2018 academic year, over $1.5 million in fellowships went to masters and PhD students. Though some are limited to US citizens, not all of them are.

As a public university, you won’t find much in the way of financial aid channeled through the university to international students, but there are always independent scholarships to research, including both merit and need-based opportunities.
Prodigy Finance international student loans for Arizona State University

Prodigy Finance international student loans for Arizona State University

Prodigy Finance offers loans for international masters students at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University.

Students from supported countries pursuing masters programmes that can be completed in less than 2 years are eligible to apply.

  • Maximum loan amount: up to 100% of the school-provided cost of attendance (tuition plus living expenses)
  • Minimum loan amount: $15,000
  • Typical interest rates: 7 - 8% (fixed) over the 3-month US Libor base rate (variable)
  • All loans disbursed directly to the university according to due dates

Prodigy Finance also supports loans for Arizona State University students pursuing masters degrees at this school:

Ready to transform your future with a MS degree from ASU?

Prodigy Finance provides loans to international masters students pursuing their masters degrees at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University.

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