Applying for a Master's degree abroad: What you should consider?

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Bryan Smith - August, 01 2023

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How to go abroad for your studies?

Heading overseas to further your studies is a huge commitment that takes time, energy, patience, and determination - and that’s without mentioning funding, admission to a new school, and all the social hurdles that come with it!

If you’re considering venturing abroad to study a master’s degree, you’ve likely already evaluated what’s on offer in your home country and have probably seen one or more international programmes that have caught your eye - but when it comes to finalising your decision, where do you start?

Our definitive Study Abroad Checklist can help you answer some of the biggest questions you’re facing - including school admission, funding your degree, your travel plans, and more!

How to find a masters program abroad

If you’re ready to seek out a masters programme that suits you, there are a couple of factors to consider:

Explore where you’d like to study

If you’re committed to studying abroad, your most important question to answer - beyond what kind of masters programme you’d like to pursue - is where you’d like to study.

The first thing you should consider about any study destination is your chosen study country’s cultural atmosphere, living standards, and whether you can afford your intended course’s tuition fees.

Getting a feel for a country and school you’ve never visited can be difficult. However, there is an easy way to seek answers to the many questions you’re likely to have - you can connect with a Prodigy Finance mentor who has studied in your chosen country or your dream degree to ask questions about how they experienced and managed their study abroad journey.

Keep an eye on subject rankings

International ranking tables can enable you to review specialised subject rankings and evaluate whether the university you’re considering attending is recognised and renowned in your chosen field.

Subject rankings can empower you to make an informed decision as to whether studying a particular degree at a considered school will be an informed decision, and can enhance your future career prospects.

Some noteworthy international ranking tables to review could include:

Confirm tuition fees

Before you commit to studying abroad, you’ll need to confirm what tuition fees are payable, whether you intend to apply for a competitive scholarship, or whether you will want to pursue a student loan to fund your expenses.

Once you’ve confirmed your chosen avenue, you’ll want to ensure that the expense of either funding your studies yourself or applying for a student loan will be returned through enhancing your future earning potential.

What exams should I complete for admission to study abroad programmes?

As you prepare to enroll for admission at your chosen university or schools, you’ll need to confirm which admissions requirements you’ll need to finalise in order to secure your place.

The most common tests you’ll need to take are the GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL exams.

What’s the GRE exam?

The graduate record examination (GRE) is a standardised test used to determine an applicant’s aptitude in abstract thinking in analytics writing, mathematics, and vocabulary and is most commonly used in graduate schools in the US and Canada.

What’s the GMAT exam?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test that is used to assess analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and written skills in English for admission to a graduate programme - most usually an MBA.

What’s the TOEFL exam?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test is designed to assess proficiency in all four academic English skills - reading, listening, speaking, and writing - in the manner in which they are used in a classroom.

How to convince your parents to let you study abroad

Your parents are your biggest supporters - and it's important to have their input and assistance when weighing up your study abroad options.

To frame and help guide your discussion with your parents, you may wish to talk about:

  • Funding your degree and travel plans: Confirming your degree plans and tuition costs with your parents is vital - especially if you’d like their financial support
  • Relocating to your study country: Explaining why you’re interested in pursuing your studies abroad can help reassure your parents that an international move may be in your best interests
  • Remitting funds back home: If you parents would like, expect, or appreciate your ability to send funds home once you are employed, you can confirm your plans to do so

When discussing your plans with your parents, it’s also important to consider a number of great advantages to studying abroad:

  • Academic advantages: studying abroad can grant you exposure to the latest research, insights, and innovation - vastly improving your quality of education
  • Enhancing your future earning potential: pursuing a master’s degree abroad can also help your career prospects - and grow your future earning potential
  • Enabling yourself to live and work overseas: if you plan on immigrating to your study country, you may be able to seek residency following the conclusion of your study programme.

The benefits of completing an MS degree in foreign countries

If you need more inspiration when deciding whether to pursue a Master’s degree abroad, consider these three advantages of securing your degree from a foreign university:

Exposure to new teaching methods and technologies

Attending world-class, international universities can help ensure your exposure to the latest methodologies, technologies, and techniques - and can significantly improve both your education and your understanding of your chosen field.

Growing your international network

Attending a foreign university can expose you to many international students from various disciplines, backgrounds, and talents - and can assist you in building a world-class professional network and a great friendship circle!

Expanding your career opportunities

Many employers look favourably on applicants who have sought to further their education abroad - and who have achieved well in their chosen abilities. Not only will a Master’s degree elevate your professional profile, but you’ll be able to study with the best of the best as well!

Fund your masters program through Prodigy Finance

If you’d like to fund your dream degree through a student loan, we lend based on your future potential - enabling you to pursue your dream study abroad experience.

If you’d like to explore what schools you can attend through a Prodigy Finance student loan, APR, required documents, you can use our School Search tool to explore the many schools and courses that we support!

If you know where you want to study, you can type in the name of the school you have in mind to see which degree programmes we support; alternatively, you can also search for supported programmes by selecting the country or school you’re interested in attending.

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