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Getting to know the University of Pennsylvania 

Katie Schenk - December 05, 2016

Getting to Know the
University of Pennsylvania 

Outside of the United States, the state of Pennsylvania may not conjure any specific images and, indeed, may be difficult to place on the map. But, when you mention the University of Pennsylvania, it evokes admiration in nearly every field of education. But, when an Ivy League institution was founded by Benjamin Franklin, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

A quick look at some of the notable alumni demonstrates that this revolutionary institution has stood the test of time. Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are among the most well-known alumni, as is the poet William Carlos Williams, actress Elizabeth Banks, and singer-songwriter John Legend. The Wharton School of Business counts Donald Trump and several of his children as alumni as well. 

Success and diversity

While graduates are part of what makes the university special, they are only part of the story. Annually, there are approximately 10,000 undergrads on campus – and that figure is matched in number by graduate students pursuing a variety of programmes. Over 100 nationalities attend, and the commitment to diversity is tangible. Through concerted efforts, the number of minority and female faculty has increased and the same carries through to the student body.

Importantly, the university doesn’t consider financial situations when admitting students at the undergraduate level. And, while each school at the graduate level reports different numbers, there is a strong commitment to ensuring that the best and brightest aren’t turned away because of their financial situation.

With partnerships across the globe, including INSEAD, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and ESADE Law School, students can take advantage of opportunities outside the historic city of Philadelphia.

It’s clear to see the impact of the university’s strategies with diversity stats that other schools can only dream of, the caliber of alumni, and when it’s the School of Engineering and Applied Science that solves one of the greatest mysteries regarding the works of William Shakespeare. (It’s true, apparently; he had co-authors and how that was uncovered outside the realm of English literature studies is fascinating.)

Programmes accepting Prodigy Finance loans

The Wharton School of Business was the first school at the university to accept Prodigy Finance loans for qualified international students. Currently, loans are available for MBA, EMBA, and the Lauder MBA/MA Dual Degree. Up to 90 percent of the total cost of attendance can be offered without an administration fee. Always near the top of any business school ranking, this is one of the most elite programmes in the world. There are three rounds of application deadlines, typically falling between September and April for admission the following autumn. The Wharton School of Business advises applying as early as possible through their online platform.

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is known for much more than cracking the Shakespearian code; this is one of the most robust engineering departments in the world. Within the college itself, several Master’s level programmes are on offer. Prodigy Finance is able to extend loans for many of them, including:

  • MSE in Computer and Information Science
  • MSE in Embedded Systems
  • MSE in Robotics
  • MSE in Computer Graphics and Game Technology
  • MSE in Electrical Engineering
  • MSE in Computer and Information Technology
  • MSE in Scientific Computing

Within the school of engineering, every school determines its own criteria and deadlines for application, and it’s important to check with each one individually, despite the use of the online admissions platform. It’s one of the most popular study destinations for international engineering students.

And, of course, Prodigy Finance is also able to support student attending the prestigious School of Law at the University of Pennsylvania (usually known as “Penn Law”). LLM, as well as JD (2L and 3L) programmes are supported currently. Deadlines for applications usually fall in or before December for courses starting in August or September of the following year. The school places emphasis on international students as well as study abroad programmes, and the diversity is evident from the moment you step on campus.

While Pennsylvania may not roll off the tongue in every corner of the globe, it’s easy to see why so many yearn for the educational offered at the University of Pennsylvania. If you want to learn more about the colleges and programmes offered, check out the university’s website. And, if you’re interested to know more about the loans Prodigy Finance can offer international students, be sure to check out this page

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