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VIDEO: INSEAD Dean talks about importance of alumni engagement

Prodigy Finance - January 24, 2017

Prodigy Finance looks at INSEAD business

Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD

When we talk about alumni engagement with the school, there are many different ways in which alumni can engage with the school. Some of them have engaged by being interviewers, mentors, employers of our students. Others have been engaged for philanthropic giving. We engage with the alumni community and we make them aware of Prodigy Finance because it has been an important source of funding for our students. 1300 students have been financed through Prodigy Finance. By creating a bigger fund, we will be able to attract more students.

What is more important from our point of view is that it is one part of creating this community between INSEAD alumni, INSEAD students and the school, where the alumni are supporting those who want to study at INSEAD. When students come here, thanks to either being financed through a scholarship or through a loan, then many of them go back to their countries and their companies and by working in these countries, they accelerate the process of growth and the acceleration of process of growth in many countries leads to eradication of poverty, of reduction of poverty.

When I talk to the alumni community I always emphasise that there are many ways of engaging with INSEAD and supporting INSEAD. For us, fundraising and philanthropic giving is very important to remain competitive and innovative, but another way that the alumni community can support students coming to INSEAD is Prodigy Finance.

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This product is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. You will only be able to invest once you are registered as a high net worth investor or a self-certified sophisticated investor and have completed a suitability questionnaire prepared by Prodigy Services Limited.

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