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Interested in studying at MIT?

Prodigy Finance - February 03, 2017

Interested in studying at MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (far better known as MIT) has become almost synonymous with Cambridge, Massachusetts (and its neighbour, Harvard University). But, at the founding of this incredible educational institution, Boston was home.

MIT moved its campus in 1916. And what a campus it is. Covering 168 acres, it is a gorgeous mix of history and modern buildings. Students are encouraged to enjoy the space by bicycle. From secure bike cages to a bike-sharing programme, the only better way to experience the gardens and public art is on foot.

MIT’s community spirit is evident as students and faculty work to tackle a myriad of global, scientific challenges. At the moment, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is focused on everything from big data and cyber security to human health care and global water and food security.

Firmly rooted in the sciences, the university is equally renowned for their MBA, Master in Finance, and Supply Chain Management degrees – amongst many others.

International grad students find themselves at home quickly

While the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has impeccable undergraduate programmes, they certainly work to ensure their graduate students can make the most of their studies. Along with the option to organise accommodation off-campus, graduate-level specific housing is available on campus. That includes five campus houses able to accommodate 1900 single students. Those with families can apply for housing at the two campus apartment complexes.

At the graduate level, approximately 40 percent of students are international. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is “need blind” - they do not exclude students based on financial capacity or need. If you are offered a seat, MIT will work to ensure you can find the finances to attend.

Competition is fierce to join the ranks; MIT estimates they have a community of more than 130,000 living alumni. Impressively, it’s believed that alumni have created over 4.6 million jobs and generated over $1.9 trillion in revenue through the 30,000 active companies they’ve launched.

Applying to MIT’s engineering or business schools

Applications to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are decentralised; interested students apply directly to the department of interest. Numbers of graduate students aren’t rigorously controlled. MIT relies, rather, on the resources available and creating class compositions that will best benefit admitted students.

Paid teaching and research assistantship positions are available for qualified students (and are part of the financial aid package the university is able to provide).

Prodigy Finance can extend loans up to 80 percent of the cost of attendance (as provided by the school) for specific programmes at the Sloan School of Management and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering.

There is no deadline for admitted students to apply for a Prodigy Finance loan (but it is recommended that applicants ensure they begin the process at least a month before payments are due). MIT, however, does have admission deadlines.

Currently, the programmes Prodigy Finance is able to support have application deadlines of:

  • MIT Sloan Executive MBA Program - January 5, March 16, June 1
  • MIT Sloan Fellows Program - September 26, November 14, January 31
  • MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics - January 9
  • MIT Sloan Master of Finance - January 5
  • MIT Sloan Master of Science in Management Studies - February 15
  • MIT Sloan MBA Program - September 15, January 17, April 10
  • System Design and Management - January 13, March 17
  • Supply Chain Management November 15, February 1, April 1

These dates are subject to change from year to year, so it’s best to check with the university before missing crucial deadlines.

Want more information on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (or perhaps its previous accomplishments in the development of penicillin, the discovery of quarks, or the invention of e-commerce encryption systems)? Check out their website.

If you’d like to see representative examples of Prodigy Finance loans for MIT’s international students, visit our loan pages

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