Prodigy Finance FAQ: When and how will I get my proof of funding?

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Prodigy Finance - June, 03 2021

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Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about the Prodigy Finance loan letter and when you'll receive yours.

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As international masters students need proof of funding to secure their visas, one of the biggest questions is whether Prodigy Finance loan confirmation letters can be used to demonstrate financial proof. (They can.)

And the next question is often, when your Prodigy Finance loan confirmation letter will be available.

This is what you need to know.

If you have received a Provisional Offer from Prodigy Finance, you’ll find a loan confirmation letter on your dashboard that you can download.

However, you will see that the wording in the letter is that the loan is conditionally approved. As soon as you have provided us with the required supporting documents, we will fully approve your loan. At that point, you’ll receive a loan confirmation letter stating that we have approved your loan.

So, the sooner you’re able to provide us with the supporting documents, the sooner you’ll receive this letter.

If you’ve also asked for a second-year loan, the loan confirmation letter will confirm the pre-approved amount as well.

Can my Prodigy Finance funding be used as proof of funding for my student visa?

Once you have completed all the steps on your dashboard, and your loan offer has been confirmed, an electronic copy of your loan confirmation letter will be uploaded to your dashboard. This loan confirmation letter can be used to support your visa application and can also be used as a financial guarantee for the school.

The entire process is done online, and this loan confirmation letter is also electronic.

However, if you do need a hard copy, you can request this from us. After paying a £25 fee, we will courier a hard copy of your loan confirmation letter to you.

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Have more questions about the Prodigy Finance loan letter and when you'll receive yours?

We’re here to help with any additional concerns you have regarding the loan application process; if you any questions regarding Prodigy Finance, our loans or the steps you'll need to complete in your application, feel free to send us an email on or check our FAQs pages to see if your question has already been answered.

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