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Prodigy Finance FAQ: What can I do to change my credit decision?

Prodigy Finance - September 26, 2018

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about changing the credit decision on your loan application.

Prodigy Finance FAQ: 
What can I do to change my credit decision

Pursuing an international masters degree isn’t cheap – and most students need some assistance to make it from application to graduation. And, Prodigy Finance is here to help with that. We’re interested in breaking down barriers to education and have helped over 10,300 students borrow approximately $505 million to fund their graduate degrees.

However, we’re also a responsible lender and want to ensure that we’re not overburdening students with debt they can’t afford. While it doesn’t happen often, we aren’t always able to extend loan offers for the full amount requested at application – and debt burden is a component of those decisions.

One of the most common questions we receive when this situation occurs is “what can I do to change my credit decision”?

This short video explains a few simple solutions while putting the credit decision into perspective.

What can I do to change my credit decision for a Prodigy Finance loan

If you have received a credit decision, called a Provisional Offer, and the loan amount was lower than the amount requested, this is because we had to downsize your loan amount as it would overburden you with debt. 

As a responsible lender, we want to ensure loan affordability

However, there are a few things you can do from your side, and we can then reassess your application and credit profile. If you have other liabilities such as credit card debt or personal loans, you can pay them down. Otherwise, a post-graduation job offer also helps.

What else should you know about financing your international masters degree?

Keep in mind that international student loans aren’t the only option. Every accepted student should look for scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid offered by the school and independent third parties.

If you’re not sure where to look for these resources, the best place to start is on your university’s fees, funding and financial aid pages

If you’re still stuck, reach out to the financial aid, international student and departmental offices at your school. Not only will they be able to point you in the right direction, they may also be able to tell you how other students have managed their finances in the past. 

Have more questions about Prodigy Finance credit decisions?

We’re here to help with any additional concerns you have regarding international student loans or the Prodigy Finance loan approval process.

If you any questions regarding Prodigy Finance, our loans, or the application process, feel free to send us an email on info@prodigyfinance.com or check our FAQs pages to see if your question has already been answered.


Interested in a Prodigy Finance Loan?

Prodigy Finance offers no cosigner, collateral-free loans to eligible international students attending supported universities across the globe. If you're considering postgraduate study, you might want to consider a Prodigy Finance loan.

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