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Bryan Smith - November, 07 2022

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Depending on your visa, you may be able to seek out part or full-time work opportunities while you’re studying abroad.

This can enable you to support yourself financially, access new and exciting opportunities and professional networks, and even begin repaying your Prodigy Finance student loan earlier with no early settlement fees!

As you set out to find part-time employment, you’ll want to find a job that works on your study schedule, remunerates you for your effort, and can ideally contribute to your professional career plan. Our helpful guide is here to help you with just that.

Finding part-time jobs: Where to start

Your first step in seeking part-time employment is to verify that your student visa will, in fact, enable you to work during your study period. Some countries have explicit requirements that mandate how many hours you can work, or the type of employment you can pursue. Ensuring you remain compliant with these terms is vital to ensure you do not violate the terms of your visa.

How to find part-time jobs in your study country

Your first task when seeking part-time employment is to find where jobs are commonly posted and available - and that means seeking out a variety of physical and digital jobs boards to find employment that’s suitable for you.

Where to find a part-time job board

Despite the fact that digital job boards have become commonplace, one easy avenue to locate part-time employment may be to seek out a physical job board.

Some worthwhile places to seek out physical notice boards can include:

  • Shopping malls or high streets
  • Libraries
  • State or government clinics
  • Municipal offices
  • Community centres or colleges
  • Student affairs centres at your university

The best online part-time jobs to consider

If you’d prefer to work virtually, there are many great opportunities you can explore!

Blogging or copywriting

If you’re a talented writer, you may be able to find freelance or part-time work providing blogging or copywriting services online - enabling you to work from wherever you prefer.

You can often find blogging or copywriting roles available on work sites such as Fiverr or Upwork.


If you instead prefer an eye for detail, you’re likely practised at proofreading your own work - so why not make money from your skills?

Proofreaders typically find freelance work and charge per word read - providing editing services can also sharpen your eye for your own study tasks.

Transcription or translation services

If you speak multiple languages, you may be able to offer transcription or translation services at a rate per word or per hour.


Depending on state or government laws that determine your study country’s financial sector, you may be able to provide ad-hoc bookkeeping services to nearby persons or businesses.

Virtual assistance

If you rather have a knack for managing time and connecting people with opportunities, you may also be able to work as a virtual private assistant - providing booking, upkeep, or calendaring services to persons or businesses.


Are you better at the art of the deal? Consider thrifting secondhand clothes and furniture - not only will you be able to find great items a second home, but you’ll also be able to manage your own time and set your own rates for sold goods.


As you’re studying towards a new degree, why not put your newfound knowledge to good use? Tutoring younger students in subjects you’re passionate about (and already qualified for!) can be a great way to earn an income.

Where to find part-time jobs online

Seeking out new opportunities abroad can also be done virtually - and you may find great opportunities in an app or an online jobs board.
Popular apps for part-time jobs


If you’re a dog lover, Wag! Is for you - it’s an online iOS and Android app that helps dog owners find and connect with a suitable walker for their dog, which could enable you to earn an ad-hoc income just for taking Fido for a walk.


Ziprecruiter is an online, AI-powered service design to help you connect with part-time work opportunities that are compatible with your skillset.

Uber, Lift, Bolt and more

If you happen to own or have access to a vehicle while studying - and have an international driver’s permit - you can also elect to work part-time through popular rideshare apps such as Uber, Lyft, Bolt (formerly Taxify) and more.

Popular part-time jobs sites

There are many popular websites designed for freelance or part-time workers to seek out new opportunities - though some of the most popular avenues might simply be on social media!

However, if you’d like to refine your search, there are a number of great purpose-built networks to enable you to find a new role.

The best sites to browse for part-time jobs


Indeed is a US-based employment website for part or full time work opportunities that was first launched in 2004.


Upwork (previously called Elance-oDesk) is a US-based freelancing platform that focuses on connecting applicants with part-time or adhoc work opportunities.


Snagajob is a marketplace of hourly part-time or adhoc work, which encourages applicants to search for jobs or tasks based on an hourly rate.


Coolworks is an online platform designed to connect users to jobs in remote locations, for freelancers intending to travel.


Collegegrad is a US-based platform designed to highlight entry-level or graduate positions to students who are currently studying, or have completed their degree.

Part-time job postings on social media

Seeking out relevant Facebook groups can be one simple avenue to explore part-time employment; there are many international and local freelance jobs boards available as groups or pages that can help you refine your search. Additionally, LinkedIn jobs notices may also provide a means for you to search for part-time roles that can suit your skillset.

Popular part-time jobs for students

It goes without saying that students enrolled in tertiary education often prefer ad-hoc work which enables them to structure their work requirements around their study time.

Some of the most common part-time jobs for students to pursue include:

  • Pet sitting
  • Au pairing or nannying
  • Waitroning
  • Tutoring
  • Retail
  • Ridesharing or food delivery

Can I use my income to repay my Prodigy Finance loan earlier?

The great news is, yes!

If you’re able to generate an income from part-time employment and wish to repay your student loan earlier, there is no penalty for making early payments toward your Prodigy Finance student loan.

You can make early repayments during your study period or grace period, before your actual repayment period begins. You can review our easy-to-follow guide as to how the repayment process works, and additionally review how you can go about making repayments.

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