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8 prodigy finance borrowers pursuing their ms degree abroad

VIDEO: 8 Prodigy Finance borrowers pursuing their MS degree abroad

Prodigy Finance - January 02, 2018

After years of successfully community-funding international masters students pursuing business degrees, Prodigy Finance opened loans for engineering students in 2016.Now with over 100 universities...

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Student story video for prodigy story

VIDEO: Community lending for London Business School students

Prodigy Finance - December 08, 2017

Originally from Zimbabwe, Farai Mwamuka, was working in South Africa before he decided to pursue his MBA at London Business School, but be wasn’t sure where he would obtain his financing. As he...

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Community lending for insead students

VIDEO: Community lending for INSEAD students

Prodigy Finance - November 12, 2017

With so many top business schools, it’s easy to understand how one can be the exact right fit for an MBA candidate. Students like Gabriel from Brazil and Sandeep from India found their perfect MBA...

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No trade off impact financial returns in emerging markets

There is no trade-off between impact and financial returns in emerging markets

Juan Garcia Alvarez - July 27, 2017

Having recently spoken in the opening debate at the “Impact Investing in Emerging Markets - Capital Allocation for Sustainable Development” conference organised by Palladium, it’s clear there are...

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Insead dean 2

VIDEO: Dean of INSEAD shares how the university attracts top talent and maintains diversity on campus

Prodigy Finance - July 18, 2017

Business schools place a lot of emphasis on diversity. The cross-cultural experience isn’t just a value-add for many MBA programmes; it’s part of their core goal. While top schools are able to...

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Insead dean 2

VIDEO: INSEAD Dean talks about importance of alumni engagement

Prodigy Finance - January 24, 2017

When we talk about alumni engagement with the school, there are many different ways in which alumni can engage with the school. Some of them have engaged by being interviewers, mentors, employers...

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Is student loan debt as bad as believed

Is student loan debt as bad as believed?

Katie Schenk - September 26, 2016

If you’ve been in the United States in the past couple of years, you would have found it impossible to miss headlines proclaiming the sorry state of student loan debt in the country. And, the...

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Understanding regional differences in study loans

Katie Schenk - July 11, 2016

Student loan debt in the United States continues to reach shocking peaks. Every year, there’s at least one major story in the news regarding the current state of debt attributed to higher...

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A look at the Great Recession and loans

Katie Schenk - June 10, 2016

If you take a serious look at the way banks operated before the world plunged into what’s now known as the Great Recession, it’s easy to see that a financial crisis was almost unavoidable. But...

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Obtaining loans for international study (shouldn’t be difficult)

Katie Schenk - February 29, 2016

You’ve completed your undergrad degree, spent a few years working, and now you want to up your game. Suddenly, a master’s degree is on the cards. But, you don’t just want the piece of paper that...

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