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Insead dean 2

VIDEO: Dean of INSEAD shares how the university attracts top talent and maintains diversity on campus

Prodigy Finance - July 18, 2017

Business schools place a lot of emphasis on diversity. The cross-cultural experience isn’t just a value-add for many MBA programmes; it’s part of their core goal. While top schools are able to...

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Insead dean 2

VIDEO: INSEAD Dean talks about importance of alumni engagement

Prodigy Finance - January 24, 2017

When we talk about alumni engagement with the school, there are many different ways in which alumni can engage with the school. Some of them have engaged by being interviewers, mentors, employers...

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Is student loan debt as bad as believed?

Katie Schenk - September 26, 2016

If you’ve been in the United States in the past couple of years, you would have found it impossible to miss headlines proclaiming the sorry state of student loan debt in the country. And, the...

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Understanding regional differences in study loans

Katie Schenk - July 11, 2016

Student loan debt in the United States continues to reach shocking peaks. Every year, there’s at least one major story in the news regarding the current state of debt attributed to higher...

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A look at the Great Recession and loans

Katie Schenk - June 10, 2016

If you take a serious look at the way banks operated before the world plunged into what’s now known as the Great Recession, it’s easy to see that a financial crisis was almost unavoidable. But...

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Obtaining loans for international study (shouldn’t be difficult)

Katie Schenk - February 29, 2016

You’ve completed your undergrad degree, spent a few years working, and now you want to up your game. Suddenly, a master’s degree is on the cards. But, you don’t just want the piece of paper that...

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Fed rate increases - Let’s go for a hike…

Joel Frisch - January 21, 2016

Are you ready to conquer the great unknown? As you plan for a hike, reviewing a map can help provide insights into what is around the corner and how you need to prepare. Your financial journey is...

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Looking beyond FICO: innovative fintech startups in risk management

Prodigy Finance - November 07, 2014

Startups and technology are disrupting financial services in a myriad of ways that benefit consumers. In this two-part series, we review some of the most exciting “fintech” (financial technology)...

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The all too weird preferred lender list

Jeremy Rabson - October 17, 2014

Students all around the world are trying to figure out their loan options.  They consult multiple sources of information, including message boards like TopMBA, general information sites like...

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Improving financial literacy: Informed borrowers equal a stronger portfolio

Trevor Watson - June 24, 2014

What is financial literacy and why is it important to Prodigy Finance? Simply stated, it is the ability to make a sound and informed decision regarding one’s financial resources. For our student...

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