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New law helps immigrant entrepreneurs in the united states

New law helps immigrant entrepreneurs in the United States

Katie Schenk - January 23, 2017

Prodigy Finance doesn’t just provide financing for graduate education; the company stimulates development and entrepreneurship. Ricardo Fernandez, the company’s Head of Business Development reports...

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American elections and international higher education

American elections and international higher education

Katie Schenk - November 10, 2016

At the beginning of 2016, it was easier to see what higher education looked like across the globe in the coming year. There were upsets, trends, and plenty of interruptions on the cards. And, by...

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9 things only international students learn

9 things only international students learn

Katie Schenk - August 12, 2016

The international experience is different for everyone that travels overseas. And, travelling is one thing; living in another country presents challenges (and rewards) that most people just can’t...

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Why study your master s abroad

Why study your Master’s abroad?

Prodigy Finance - July 28, 2016

Graduate-level education is tough going – no matter where or what you choose to study. And, it costs money (regardless of where or what degree you pursue). So, if you’re planning to head back to...

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Consolidation, transparency, and the development of knowledge as currency

Cameron Stevens - June 03, 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating on panels at the LenditUSA conference in San Francisco and the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego. LenditUSA focuses on connecting the global online lending...

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More international grad students

Are there more international grad students?

Katie Schenk - May 10, 2016

Judging by the emphasis placed on basic education by Sustainable Development Goals (and their predecessors, the Millennium Development Goals), finishing high school is a big deal in many parts of...

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Pre mba internship

Is a pre-MBA internship right for you?

Katie Schenk - April 29, 2016

The summer before you begin your MBA is a busy one. If you’re an international candidate, expect to be busier than you’ve ever been before (and then wait until that’s multiplied on campus)....

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B school diversity

B-school diversity – how important is it?

Katie Schenk - June 09, 2015

There’s a lot of talk about the global marketplace and the interconnectedness of world economies.  And, that’s certainly true; it’s never been easier to connect with anyone and everyone else.  It’s...

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The all too weird preferred lender list

Jeremy Rabson - October 17, 2014

Students all around the world are trying to figure out their loan options.  They consult multiple sources of information, including message boards like TopMBA, general information sites like...

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Change is needed

Change is needed in the U.S. Student Loan Market – what’s the solution?

Jeremy Rabson - February 13, 2014

In the last few months, legal regulations have changed, allowing us to enter the U.S. student loan market. Yet even as regulatory challenges have lifted, other ones remain. Many aspects of our...

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