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My checklist: Before my Masters in Finance programme starts

Pierre Dongo  Soria Rosingana - August 13, 2014

Hello everyone! Today I'm writing from Amsterdam, where I'm staying for a couple of days before moving to London. Since the MiF programme has not started yet I think it is a good idea to share with...

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3 tips for 1st year MBAs

Teodora Chatzisarros - July 04, 2014

Congratulations to all of you that are about to start your MBAs! I'm pretty sure you won't regret making the decision to take this journey. Now that I just completed my first year, not that I'm...

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Interview with Prodigy Grad - now an Exec Director at Paramount Pictures

Liz Reid - May 07, 2014

Flora Huang graduated from INSEAD with the 2010 class. Now, she is the Executive Director, Motion Picture Planning, at Paramount Pictures - a pretty awesome job to say the least! Here, she shares...

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Prodigy student highlight story: Wadzi 

Liz Reid - March 11, 2014

In what way was INSEAD an important experience for you?  INSEAD expanded my world view in more ways than I had anticipated. I got my current job through the INSEAD network and I continually apply...

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10 awesome jobs - Prodigy grads land their dream positions

Charlotte Lau - February 27, 2014

You know when you meet people with jobs so cool that they couldn’t possibly exist? And you want to be their friend because maybe their awesomeness will rub off on you, like some sort of aura...

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Summer at LBS: finding an internship

Teodora Chatzisarros - February 10, 2014

I must first say that what everybody tells you about the second term of the MBA - that's it's much easier than the first one - is a myth. Indeed, formulas stop being thrown at you but you face a...

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40% done, out of the bubble and more changes!

Ruch de Silva - December 18, 2013

So, Pretty much 48 hours ago (My computer is still on CET despite the fact that I am in Singapore right now!), the last exam was turned in and we were freed from the shackles of INSEAD exams!...

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Mother and MBA student - how to keep the balance

Teodora Chatzisarros - November 05, 2013

Yes, I am an MBA student and the mother of a 1.5 year old baby boy. And he is back in Romania with my husband. The questions that may arise immediately in your mind is… 'How is that possible?' 'How...

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Don't give up your dream on account of the tuition fee

Marisa Louza Rodrigues - April 08, 2013

It had been almost two weeks since I volunteered to represent INSEAD alumni at an MBA fair. I decided to take the opportunity to meet potential future MBAs and present Prodigy Finance. Why? Because...

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Creating a buzz around customers

Prodigy Finance - March 22, 2013

Originally born in Ireland, I spent a nearly 7 years studying and working in the UK with some of the biggest high-tech, telecommunication, media and finance companies in the world. Looking to...

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