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An international MBA perspective: finding an LBS summer internship

Teodora Chatzisarros - February 10, 2014

Teodora from Targu Mures, Romania blogged her way through business school, sharing the highs, lows, challenges and celebrations that are all part of the London Business School MBA experience

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40% done, out of the bubble and more changes!

Ruch de Silva - December 18, 2013

So, Pretty much 48 hours ago (My computer is still on CET despite the fact that I am in Singapore right now!), the last exam was turned in and we were freed from the shackles of INSEAD exams!...

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An international perspective: From India to Singapore to Oxford Saïd Business School

Jerry Joseph Henry - June 12, 2013

Jerry Joseph from Chennai blogged his way through business school and shared his MBA experience at Oxford Saïd Business School.

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Don't give up your dream on account of the tuition fee

Marisa Louza Rodrigues - April 08, 2013

It had been almost two weeks since I volunteered to represent INSEAD alumni at an MBA fair. I decided to take the opportunity to meet potential future MBAs and present Prodigy Finance. Why? Because...

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Creating a buzz around customers

Prodigy Finance - March 22, 2013

Originally born in Ireland, I spent a nearly 7 years studying and working in the UK with some of the biggest high-tech, telecommunication, media and finance companies in the world. Looking to...

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Clapp your hands for Shukhrat

Charlotte Lau - March 18, 2013

Originally born in Uzbekistan, he then spent several years in Russia and the UK structuring financing of investment projects for public utility companies.INSEAD gave him further international...

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Disbursement infographic

Where do our student borrowers come from? #emergingmarkets

Charlotte Lau - February 22, 2013

With co-founders from South Africa, Prodigy Finance has believed in the power of emerging markets from the start.So where do our student borrowers come from? Here are their top 20 countries of origin.

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The long, winding road

Prodigy Finance - January 07, 2013

While Anya was figuring out what to do next, she met a few INSEAD alumni. “I was drawn in by the multicultural aspect of it,” she recounted. “Having been raised in three different countries I got...

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Student highlight: Ayesha D'Souza (INSEAD '11)

Prodigy Finance - January 07, 2013

I was one of those unconventional Indians who didn't study IT or engineering. So my first job out of college was at an all-English start-up radio station. It was a considerable risk. My parents...

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