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Start-up woes: finding a co-founder and the struggle for funding

Prodigy Finance - December 21, 2016

As all entrepreneurs know, there are various challenges that come with entrepreneurship and early stage start-up life. To help motivate and encourage those looking to share their ideas with the...

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Want to study in India? We now support the Indian School of Business

Prodigy Finance - December 15, 2016

At Prodigy Finance, we continuously push the boundaries of student financing; extending our reach, and the programs we support.To end 2016 on a high, we have big news for international students...

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Joining an Industry Giant vs. a Start-up: Prodigy Finance Start-Up Your Summer Event Series part 2

Prodigy Finance - October 27, 2016

Our “Start-Up Your Summer” series continued in both NYC and San Francisco; debating the benefits of joining an industry giant versus a start-up. Which path leads to the most opportunities? What are...

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We now support 12 more Graduate Engineering schools

Prodigy Finance - October 17, 2016

At Prodigy Finance, we are proud of the way we are revolutionising student financing. Initially, we started off funding students attending the top Business schools; and since then have expanded...

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Prodigy Finance nominated for TWO City A.M. awards

Prodigy Finance - September 29, 2016

For the past six years, London's first free daily business newspaper, City A.M., have taken the time to recognise and celebrate organisations (and individuals) positively impacting the English...

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Vyom Vats and Abhirath Anuwal from India receive Prodigy Finance student scholarships

Prodigy Finance - September 16, 2016

This month we announce the first two recipients of our inaugural student scholarship programme; Vyom Vats is studying a Masters in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Scheller College...

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Prodigy Finance extends financing to its first MBA/School of Forestry dual degree at Yale University

Prodigy Finance - September 09, 2016

Prodigy Finance is excited to announce that we have added the first MBA/School of Forestry dual degree to our list of supported programs at Yale University! Yale University offers a masters...

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Prodigy Finance launches scholarship programme

Prodigy Finance - September 02, 2016

26 August 2016, London - Here at Prodigy Finance, we're pleased to announce our inaugural scholarship for students accepted to study at UK and US business schools. The new scholarship programme...

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Fintech without borders IS possible: Brexit is an opportunity

Katie Schenk - July 25, 2016

Brexit will impact the financial world, but it’s not necessarily a sign of economic collapse for any city, country, or region. It’s possible that it’s merely a chance for the industry to change....

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Prodigy Finance makes fintech news

Prodigy Finance - June 29, 2016

While the world (and indeed the UK) considers the effects of Brexit, there’s one thing that’s unlikely to change – London will remain at the heart of the FinTech revolution. And, it’s a corner of...

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