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VIDEO: Community funding for postgraduate students at top schools in the US

Prodigy Finance - April 25, 2017

International students struggle to find financing for their American post-grad degrees. Sometimes, loan limits are tied to the cost of attending a local university. At other times, it’s just not...

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What s it like for latin american students pursuing mbas in the usa

What’s it like for Latin American students pursuing MBAs in the USA?

Prodigy Finance - April 18, 2017

Imagine flying thousands of miles away to attend graduate school on a continent you’ve never visited. What questions or concerns might you have? Students who borrow with Prodigy Finance experience...

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Prodigy Finance supports 37 more engineering programmes

Prodigy Finance - April 11, 2017

Prodigy Finance launched in 2007 with a clear mission to make it easier for deserving international students to attend top post graduate programmes. Over the past decade, the company has grown and...

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Should i borrow to fund my degree or use savings

Should I borrow to fund my degree or use savings?

Katie Schenk - April 06, 2017

This isn’t a common question, but that shouldn’t surprise you – especially if you’re considering an international grad degree. Few people have enough money sitting around in savings and bank...

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Interested in studying at MIT?

Prodigy Finance - February 03, 2017

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (far better known as MIT) has become almost synonymous with Cambridge, Massachusetts (and its neighbour, Harvard University). But, at the founding of this...

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The funny costs that creep into your grad school budget

Katie Schenk - January 10, 2017

You’re not after cheap; grad school education is an investment. The question usually isn’t whether you need to take a loan, but how much you need to borrow.And that’s a tricky question for any...

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The best degree you can get

Katie Schenk - December 20, 2016

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that you should focus on getting into the best possible MBA or grad school programme first. Once you’ve submitted your applications, then it’s time to figure...

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Determining your minimum grad school budget

Katie Schenk - October 10, 2016

If you’re trying to establish a grad school budget (no matter where you are in the application process), you’re serious about getting your degree. After all, the cost of returning to school is...

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Tips for your MBA budget (from students that know)

Katie Schenk - September 13, 2016

Are you sitting with an acceptance letter? (And by sitting, we do mean dancing around the room.) Or, are you slaving over your admissions essay? Either way, you’ll need to think about your MBA...

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5 things to consider before applying for grad school

Magoosh - July 22, 2016

Grad school can be a big step forward. But, is it the right step? Once you’ve completed your undergrad, is a master’s the direction you’d like to pursue?  Should you jump right into the next...

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