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Prodigy Finance FAQ: What is APR and the difference between my interest rate?

Prodigy Finance - September 05, 2018

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about APR and interest rates on international student loans.

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Do i need an international study loan

Do I need an international study loan?

Prodigy Finance - August 31, 2018

One of the first things a potential international masters student will do is check the price of the education they want. Often, potential applicants believe they’ll easily obtain loans, they’ll...

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Prodigy finance application process and dashboard

Prodigy Finance FAQ: When I apply, what are the stages that I will go through and in what order?

Prodigy Finance - August 29, 2018

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about the loan application process and the Prodigy Finance dashboard.

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I am self employed or otherwise have a unique salary set up  how do i show proof of income

Prodigy Finance FAQ: I am self employed or otherwise have a unique salary set up, how do I show proof of income?

Prodigy Finance - August 22, 2018

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about loan affordability and proving your pre-study income.

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How to compare loans for international students

Prodigy Finance - August 21, 2018

Students interested in pursuing postgraduate study in their home countries probably have a good idea where to look for education loans to complete their degree. Each country has their own set of...

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Prodigy finance looks at international grad student housing

International grad student housing

Katie Schenk - August 06, 2018

Every grad student needs to sleep somewhere. No matter how much time you plan to spend in the library, it’s just not an option.But, international students are unlikely to know the nuances of the...

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Fixed interest versus variable interest rates

Fixed interest versus variable interest rates

Katie Schenk - July 31, 2018

If you’re going to take a loan (just about any loan), you’ll need to understand how interest rates affect your repayment. It’s almost never as simple as saying you’d like to borrow $100 and pay...

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Mba internships with social impact

Social impact MBA internships

Prodigy Finance - July 24, 2018

Last year, the median monthly salary for an intern at Google was $8000¹. Yes, that was the median salary, which means half of the interns were making even more than that. Over three months, that...

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Budgeting to repay your student loan

Budgeting to repay your student loan

Katie Schenk - July 17, 2018

Budgeting for your international masters degree is only the beginning of your post-grad study financing organisation. You’ll also need to budget for your student loan repayments after graduation.

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Should I use my savings or take private student loans to fund my degree?

Katie Schenk - July 10, 2018

Few people have enough money sitting around in savings accounts to pay their tuition outright. If you are that lucky, we’re certain your financial advisor or money manager will tell you how to...

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