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Prodigy finance looks at mba with kids

Can you really take your kids with you to do your MBA?

Katie Schenk - June 21, 2018

Everything about business school is intense. It starts with the GMAT and your applications. It follows through to grueling course loads and study trips on other continents. Then, of course,...

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Breaking the glass ceiling: the importance of an MBA for women in tech

Christine Manipur,  INSEAD - June 19, 2018

Back in 2002, the cost of sequencing the complete human genome was US$100 million. Today that has dropped to US$1,000.* By the end of this decade, it is likely it could be done for the price of...

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MBAs - can you be accepted in round 4?

Katie Schenk - June 15, 2018

If you’re serious about applying to business school, you already know that you should apply as early as possible, right? The fear of applying for MBA admittance in round 3 (or round 4, as the case...

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Current UK visa regulations for international MBA students

Katie Schenk - June 04, 2018

If you’ve shortlisted a UK MBA programme as one of your top choices (or perhaps a few different ones), you’ve likely heard a lot of chatter about staying on in the UK after graduation.  And, you...

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When should I apply for student loans?

Katie Schenk - April 30, 2018

Anyone considering a grad school education abroad has a lot to figure out - from student loans to getting a local sim card in a different country. Until you’re safely settled in your new home, you...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 12: The benefits of a 1-year MBA programme

Matt Symonds Fortuna Admissions - April 18, 2018

The shorter one-year MBA format is gaining significant traction among fast-track professionals - which means European business schools are in the spotlight. A growing appetite for the shorter...

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American grad school: public versus private universities

Katie Schenk - April 09, 2018

The United States has an enormous number of universities. If you’re after an American masters, you’ll have an incredible choice to make - whether you want a business, engineering, law, or any other...

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The questions YOU should ask at an MBA interview

Katie Schenk - April 03, 2018

Remember the elation you felt when you received an interview request? Surely that was followed with a combination of anticipation and dread. This is the make-or-break moment for many applicants. ...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 11: Choosing between offers

Heidi  Hillis - February 16, 2018

Maybe you’re in the enviable and rare position of receiving offers from two of your dream schools. Or, you’ve received a great scholarship, but not from your top choice. Deciding whether to take an...

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The best one-year MBA programs in the US 

Admissionado - February 02, 2018

The one-year MBA program offers a highly focused, streamlined path to an MBA that appeals to many with its reduced time and financial investments, and the benefit of getting back to the workforce...

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