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Do you want a master's in business, engineering, or a crossover degree?

Katie Schenk - March 13, 2018

An almost surprising number of CEOs today didn’t pursue business during their undergrad days. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, for example, received his MBA at Duke University, but he got his undergrad in...

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Do you need toefl

International grad students: Do you need TOEFL, IELTS, or another test of English proficiency?

Katie Schenk - March 07, 2018

If you’re considering graduate-level education – even in your home country, you’ll need to consider whether the course is taught in English. Top programmes – even in countries like Spain and China...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 11: Choosing between offers

Heidi  Hillis - February 16, 2018

Maybe you’re in the enviable and rare position of receiving offers from two of your dream schools. Or, you’ve received a great scholarship, but not from your top choice. Deciding whether to take an...

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The best one-year MBA programs in the US 

Admissionado - February 02, 2018

The one-year MBA program offers a highly focused, streamlined path to an MBA that appeals to many with its reduced time and financial investments, and the benefit of getting back to the workforce...

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What should be in your MBA budget?

Katie Schenk - January 30, 2018

If you’re busy studying for your GMAT, there’s something else you should be doing too. Now is perhaps the best time to start putting your b-school budget into order. You'll need it to apply for a...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 10: Acing the admissions interview

Matt Symonds Fortuna Admissions - January 16, 2018

January is the month when thousands of MBA candidates submit applications to the world’s top business schools. If you’re among them, there’s certainly reason to celebrate: Despite your demanding...

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Should you complete the optional essay on your MBA application?

Katie Schenk - January 05, 2018

If you’re just beginning to work on your MBA admissions essays, you’re likely filled with a combination of trepidation and optimism.That makes perfect sense.After all, there’s a lot riding on those...

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GMAT scores for MiM and MiF programmes

Katie Schenk - December 22, 2017

Anyone considering a masters in business has definitely taken some time to consider the GMAT – and perhaps already begun studying for this incredible undertaking. It is, after all, the marker that...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 9: What to do if you’re waitlisted

Caroline Diarte Edwards of Fortuna Admissions - December 19, 2017

While the waitlist feels like limbo, there are several actions you can take now to boost your chances of admissions success. It’s frustrating – often disheartening – to learn your dream school has...

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What about the other 17 percent?

Katie Schenk - December 14, 2017

International grad students have traditionally faced difficulties in obtaining study loans. The reasons vary from student to student and country to county.Sufficient loans aren’t always available

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