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Prodigy finance mba application guide

Applying to MBA programmes abroad

Prodigy Finance - March 23, 2020

Anyone considering an MBA knows just how much work goes into it. That’s just as true for applications as for the post-MBA career search. Despite the effort required, there’s a very clear and...

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H1B Visa: Step by Step Guide

Prodigy Finance - February 28, 2020

Just got your post-completion OPT work authorisation? Landed your first post-grad job offer? About to begin the second year of your degree in the US? It’s never too early to begin thinking about...

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MBA Admissions Edge step 1: Top tips for researching schools

Fortuna Admissions  - February 26, 2020

There’s only one MBA degree, yet no two programmes are the same. Before submitting applications, you want a real understanding of each school’s identity and assets, and, more importantly, why they...

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B-school applications: The importance of starting early

Katie Schenk - February 20, 2020

Getting into business school (any business school) takes time. And, if you want to attend a prestigious programme, it’ll take you even longer – as any successful applicant will tell you. 

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MBA Admissions Edge step 9: What to do if you’re waitlisted

Caroline Diarte Edwards - February 04, 2020

While the waitlist feels like limbo, there are several actions you can take now to boost your chances of admissions success.It’s frustrating – often disheartening – to learn your dream school has...

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American grad school: public versus private universities

Katie Schenk - January 23, 2020

The United States has an enormous number of universities. If you’re after an American masters as an international student, you’ll have an incredible choice to make - whether you want a business,...

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Can you really take your kids with you to do your MBA?

Katie Schenk - January 22, 2020

Prodigy Finance looks at MBAs with kids. An international MBA with family is possible, but you'll need to know a little more. Get info and inspiration here. 

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Comparing MBA CoA to calculate ROI

Katie Schenk - January 13, 2020

As we’ve seen before, the Cost of Attendance (CoA) is critical for international students. It includes tuition, fees, books, medical insurance, and everything you need to live during your studies -...

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Should you consider a thesis-based MBA?

Katie Schenk - November 06, 2019

Master’s programmes vary so widely that there isn't a typical master’s experience. Similarly, thesis and research requirements for degrees vary across fields of study. For example, if you're...

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International grad students: Do you need TOEFL, IELTS, or another test of English proficiency?

Katie Schenk - November 04, 2019

Top international graduate programmes – even in countries like Spain and China – use English as the medium of instruction in many cases. You’ll need to demonstrate English proficiency to get a...

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