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09 06 2016 how important are engineering school rankings

What's the best STEM master's degree in the US?

Katie Schenk - June 20, 2019

Wherever in the world you chose to achieve your undergrad engineering degree or where you work at the moment, the decision to get your master’s is a big one. That’s before considering...

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How to refinance an international student loan and save plenty of money

How to refinance your international student loan and save money

Prodigy Finance - June 19, 2019

Congratulations! Not only have you completed your international degree, but you managed to fund your studies in the first place.It’s a big accomplishment.And, if you’re wondering how you can save...

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When should i apply for student loans

How to fund your international master's degree

Katie Schenk - June 14, 2019

Almost nothing about an international master’s degree is cheap. But it might just be the most important (and lucrative) investment you’ll ever make. Few grad students, international or otherwise,...

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Prodigy finance looks at mba cost of attendance  coa

Should I study an MBA?

Katie Schenk - May 15, 2019

The figures above are all for the first academic year of two-year MBA programmes (for single students staying in basic accommodation). And, yes, those are the figures for an academic year, which is...

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Practical financial tips for international master s grads

6 tips for international post-graduate success

Prodigy Finance - May 14, 2019

You’ve made it through the trials of school applications, all the long hours, heavy workloads and intense studying sessions.Your well-earned degree is in hand, and your future spreads wide across...

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Prodigy finance looks at ms engineering salaries

Studying a STEM master's in the US

Katie Schenk - May 10, 2019

For many considering a masters, an attractive factor is the increase in earning potential. Find out what you can expect when it comes to your postgraduate engineering salary.

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How to build credit as a foreign H-1B or F-1 student

Prodigy Finance - April 30, 2019

Plan to remain in the US after getting your international master’s degree from an American university? You’re going to need to build your credit. That’s true whether you’re after a few years of...

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Prodigy finance masters of engineering vs masters of science in engineering

Which engineering master's should you do?

Katie Schenk - April 23, 2019

Hoping to further your engineering career? A masters degree is one of the fastest ways to increase your salary and your career options. But which masters? 

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Prodigy finance looks at applying for mba round 4

Applying to MBA programmes abroad

Prodigy Finance - April 17, 2019

Anyone considering an MBA knows just how much work goes into it. That’s just as true for applications as for the post-MBA career search. Despite the effort required, there’s a very clear and...

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Applying to engineering master’s programmes abroad

Katie Schenk - April 10, 2019

Modern engineering demands and increasing number of engineers (especially given that so many worldwide are reaching the age of retirement). Engineers are usually exceptionally well-paid - and...

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