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Hiring Trends in Start-ups: Prodigy Finance Start-Up Your Summer Event Series part 1

Prodigy Finance - October 20, 2016

This summer, we opened our office doors in the United States—in New York’s Flatiron district. We celebrated this milestone with our inaugural “Start-Up Your Summer” event series. These fireside...

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Prodigy Finance nominated for TWO City A.M. awards

Prodigy Finance - September 29, 2016

For the past six years, London's first free daily business newspaper, City A.M., have taken the time to recognise and celebrate organisations (and individuals) positively impacting the English...

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Celebrating diverse networks one city at a time

Prodigy Finance - July 13, 2016

Some cities are so compelling that you just can’t ignore them. Places like New York, Singapore, and London find themselves easily on this list – and so does San Francisco. Though it’s compact,...

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Panel: Study your Masters abroad and MBA financing, with Prodigy graduates

Vyom Vats - June 23, 2016

A perspective from a Prodigy Student Ambassador Two weeks ago in Hyderabad, Prodigy Finance finished the last of its info sessions in India for this year’s admission cycle. The sessions were aimed...

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Consolidation, transparency, and the development of knowledge as currency

Cameron Stevens - June 03, 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating on panels at the LenditUSA conference in San Francisco and the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego. LenditUSA focuses on connecting the global online lending...

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Info session in India: should you study Masters abroad?

Prodigy Finance - May 26, 2016

Prodigy Finance is conducting a series of Info Sessions on ‘Should You Study Your Masters Abroad’ in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in applying for Masters in 2017, it’s a great...

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Info Sessions in India: May & June

Prodigy Finance - May 26, 2016

Prodigy Finance will be hosting a round of Info Sessions in the coming weeks. It’s a great opportunity for you to meet with our team, learn more about our loan products for international Masters...

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Prodigy Sponsors… LSE's Breaking Barriers

Katie Schenk - May 02, 2016

Motivated groups at the London School of Economics (LSE) rounded up industry leaders to discuss the UK’s digital economy and consider the path from city employees to global disruption. Prodigy...

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Info sessions in India: fund your MBA abroad

Prodigy Finance - November 18, 2015

Prodigy Finance will be hosting info sessions in India this December. Join us to learn more about our loan programmes to fund your MBA, or other Masters degree, abroad: Delhi: Tuesday 15 December,...

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Learn more about Prodigy Finance loans for your b-school

Prodigy Finance - July 17, 2015

We’re hosting several online Open Houses in the next few weeks to help you understand more about Prodigy Finance loans, and getting a loan with us. In these brief sessions, you’ll get the answers...

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