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San fran

Celebrating diverse networks one city at a time

Prodigy Finance - July 13, 2016

Some cities are so compelling that you just can’t ignore them. Places like New York, Singapore, and London find themselves easily on this list – and so does San Francisco. Though it’s compact,...

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Consolidation, transparency, and the development of knowledge as currency

Cameron Stevens - June 03, 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating on panels at the LenditUSA conference in San Francisco and the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego. LenditUSA focuses on connecting the global online lending...

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Prodigy at qs fairs in india

Prodigy at QS Fairs in India

Prodigy Finance - May 26, 2016

We will be at the QS fair in Bangalore on the 28th May and the Mumbai fair on the 30th May. See the full schedule and register here. We look forward to seeing you!  

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Greatminds prodigy 3

Prodigy Finance sponsors LBS Hackathon

Prodigy Finance - November 23, 2015

It’s time for the London Business School Hackathon! We’re ever so excited for this year’s event as we’re one of the sponsors. Developing solutions is one of the core values of Prodigy Finance...

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Info sessions in India: fund your MBA abroad

Prodigy Finance - November 18, 2015

Prodigy Finance will be hosting info sessions in India this December. Join us to learn more about our loan programmes to fund your MBA, or other Masters degree, abroad: Delhi: Tuesday 15 December,...

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Prodigy attends the westminster higher education forum

Prodigy attends the Westminster Higher Education Forum

Anthony Hall - November 13, 2014

Prodigy was recently invited to contribute on a panel at one of the Westminster Higher Education Forum events in London. The conference series is a parliamentary arranged forum for policy makers...

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Financial adviser sustainable ethical investment conference

Cameron at the FT Sustainable and Ethical Investment Conference (II)

Liz Reid - November 07, 2013

As you may recall, our CEO, Cameron, recently attended the FT Sustainable and Ethical Investment Conference in London where he spoke about "Banking the Unbankable". His presentation looked at the...

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"Banking the Unbankable"

Charlotte Lau - October 23, 2013

Our CEO, Cameron, talked about “Banking the Unbankable” at the FT Sustainable and Ethical Investment Conference in London last Wednesday, 16 October 2013. The event was part of the UK’s National...

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On campus at Cranfield Registration Day

Sarah Bishop - October 03, 2013

When you roll into Cranfield, the journey is green. Stone cottages and the rolling English countryside is the backdrop for this picturesque university. The campus, once an air force base, is...

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