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Bryan Smith - December, 08 2023

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Finding a job you like is a bit like a treasure hunt. It’s filled with challenges from finding the right opportunities to knowing how to customise your cover letter and resume to best match a job description.

Job hunting takes its toll on the average job hunter. Competition is tough, opportunities in some industries can be limited, identifying a role that suits your skills and career goals often takes quite a bit of time. And without mentioning the number of rejections one gets along the way.

Using the right tools is like using a treasure map to guide you along the way to reveal “X” quicker, more easily and effectively. These tools assist you in finding jobs more efficiently, helping you track your applications, interviews and follow-ups, tailoring your job search, creating resumes to impress employers and pass through applicant tracker systems.

We’ll be discussing the merits of tools like Kickresume, Talentprise, Jobscan, Coverdoc.ai and Zapier that can make your job hunting experience more enjoyable and effective.

1. Kickresume


Kickresume is a platform that helps you create a professional resume, using easy-to-use templates that help your resume stand out. In simple terms, Kickresume acts like your friendly assistant who helps you create a nicely designed resume quickly (without needing a degree in graphic design) and guides you on what elements should be included. It's a handy tool to use if you’re looking to make a strong impression when applying for jobs.

Key Features

  • User-friendly templates: Kickresume offers easy-to-use templates to create your resume. You don't need to be a design expert; simply pick a template that suits you
  • Cover letter builder: Kickresume not only helps create your resume - it guides you when writing a cover letter, a critical element needed for job applications
  • Personalise your resume: Once you’ve chosen a template to suit, you can personalise your resume by adding your education details, work experience, skills, helping your resume make a good impression
  • Content prompt: Should you be unsure what to write under various sections of your resume, this gives suggestions on what to include
  • Link to portfolio: Include a link to your online portfolio, showcasing your projects directly in your resume, without your reader having to find it on another platform
  • Download options: Simply download your resume in a number of formats, like PDF or Word, once your resume is done
  • Multilingual support: Create your resume in different languages, a handy option to apply for international job roles

Benefits of Kickresume

  • Saves you time: With Kickresume streamlining the resume-building process, it saves you a fair amount of time
  • Professional design: Making use of the templates and design options gives your resume a polished appearance, and you don’t have to be a design expert
  • Content guidance: With the helpful guide of Kickresume, you don’t need to guess what information to include in each section
  • Adaptability: Easily tweak your resume for different jobs, highlighting the skills and experiences that relate to each position
  • Easy to share: Share your resume online or download it for offline use, making it convenient for job applications

2. Talentprise


Talentprise is an AI-powered talent-sourcing platform that connects employers with qualified candidates by evaluating candidates based on five essential elements: education, expertise, experience, capabilities, and skills in order to find ideal job matches. It considers both skill set alignment and cultural fit with the help of artificial intelligence to find the ideal job matches with candidates.

As a job seeker, you are encouraged to create detailed profiles showcasing your skills and experience when you register with Talentprise.

Key Features

  • Specify job preferences: Complete a series of questions on your preferences for a job (like location, willingness to relocate, remote vs. in-office, and when you're available to start)
  • Complete your biographical details: Fill out your work experience, skills, and education
  • Create holistic profile: Complete the Talentprise assessment which measures your personality and work traits, values and motivation to help find the ideal role for you
  • Match your profile with relevant jobs: Talentprise’s AI matches your profile with relevant job postings on the website and presents it to recruiters

Advantages of using Talentprise

Sorting through job postings, searching for requirements and salary ranges, and researching the company’s culture all take valuable time that you could rather devote to landing the ideal position.

  • Find job opportunities: Whether you are searching for a job or looking for a career switch, Talentprise opens doors to secure job opportunities that you didn’t imagine before
  • Saves you precious time: With Talentprise, it saves you from having to sort through job postings, search requirements and salary ranges and research information about company culture

3. Jobscan


These days, many recruiters rely on algorithms and automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan your resume for specific keywords. If those terms don't feature in your resume, it might not even get glanced over by the recruiter —even if your skills and experience would suit perfectly..

AI optimization tools like Jobscan ensure your resume makes it past discerning ATS algorithms and into the "interview please" pile. It's a tool designed to make your job search more effective and increase your chances of landing interviews.

These tools compare your resume, cover letter, and even LinkedIn profile against the keywords found in the job listing you select. They rate how well your resume matches with the role and offer suggestions for how to improve the optimization of your resume for each job.

Key Features

  • Resume optimization: Jobscan analyses your resume and the job description of the role you're applying for. It then provides a match rate, suggesting how well your resume aligns with the job requirements
  • Keyword analysis: Jobscan identifies specific keywords in the job description and compares them with the keywords in your resume - a necessary step as many companies use ATS that scan resumes for specific keywords
  • Tailoring suggestions: Offers suggestions on how to improve your resume by incorporating more relevant keywords and phrases found in the job description
  • ATS-friendly formatting: Format your resume to ensure it is read and understood by applicant tracking systems, increasing the chances of passing through these systems
  • Skill matching: It assesses how well your skills match the requirements of the job, giving you insights into areas where you might need to highlight specific skills or experiences
  • Customised learning resources: Jobscan provides educational resources and tips on resume writing and job application strategies that help improve your overall approach to the job search

Benefits of Jobscan

  • Increased visibility: Optimise your resume for ATS and increase your chances of getting noticed by employers and passing the initial screening process
  • Tailored resume: Jobscan guides you in tailoring your resume for each job application, ensuring your application is relevant to that specific position
  • Time efficiency: Jobscan automates the process, saving you time and effort in customising your resume for different applications
  • Competitive edge: Understanding how well your resume matches a job's requirements helps you make targeted improvements, giving you a competitive edge in the job market

4. Coverdoc.ai


CoverDoc.ai is a website which saves you time as a job seeker, by helping you write personalised cover letters. Using artificial intelligence (AI), it generates cover letter drafts based on the job details and the user's professional profile.

It also provides useful insights about the target company, such as its products, customers, market and financial performance.

With this automated cover letter process, job seekers can get through more applications without sacrificing the quality of their cover letters.

Key Features

  • Valuable for non-English speakers: If English is not your native language, CoverDoc can assist with your grammar, producing a more polished first draft
  • Save time and effort: By generating personalised cover letters based on the job details and the user's professional profile on LinkedIn, it frees you up to apply to more jobs
  • Provides background information: Coverdoc.ai helps you stand out from the crowd and ace your interviews by giving you the background on company insights, interview prep as well as offering an originality score for your cover letter
  • Variety of writing styles: It offers different writing styles and formats to suit your preferences as well as the tone used in the job posting
  • Extracts important job details: From your LinkedIn profile so you don’t have to manually complete anything
  • Sends direct to your inbox: Coverdoc.ai sends the cover letter directly to your email in your preferred language and includes an originality score
  • Checks your grammar and spelling: It uses your preferred writing style throughout the cover letter and proofreads it for spelling and grammar errors
  • Bespoke interview prep: It provides you with expected questions, suggested answers based on your work experience, as well as offers strategic questions for you to ask the hiring manager in your interview

5. Zapier


Zapier can be a handy tool for making your job search more efficient and organised. In simple terms, Zapier acts like a smart assistant for your job search. It helps you stay on top of new opportunities, organises the information, connects your apps, completes set tasks automatically, and lets you focus on what matters most – preparing for and applying to the jobs you're interested in.

Whether you're working, studying, or just organising your digital world, Zapier’s here to lend you a hand.

Key Features

Let's look at some simple key features and benefits for job searching and receiving job alerts:

  • Automatic job alerts: Set up Zaps to automatically receive job alerts from different platforms, saving you time from checking on jobs manually
  • Customised notifications: Choose how you want to be notified - email, WhatsApp or phone message
  • Integrates with job platforms: Zapier works with many job search platforms, capturing the details when a new job that matches your criteria appears and sending you an alert
  • Save your job listings: Automatically save interesting job listings to a spreadsheet or a note-taking app to keep track of the positions that interest you
  • Multi-App workflow: Zapier can connect various apps, e.g. set up a Zap to send you a job alert as well as save the job details to your calendar and send you a reminder to follow up
  • Easy to set up: Zapier has a user-friendly interface where you can set up Zaps with a few clicks
  • Customization: Tailor Zaps to fit your needs - it’s like having a personal assistant for your digital task
  • Reduces errors: As Zapier works automatically, it reduces the chance of human errors that can happen when doing repetitive tasks
  • Boosts productivity: Focus on more important things while Zapier handles routine jobs
  • No coding required: Zapier is designed for people who want to automate tasks without getting into complex technical stuff or needing coding skills


From writing your resume for you to automating networking emails, there are tons of ways AI can help streamline your job search and save you time. AI can help you cut through the noise, get immediate job alerts the minute the jobs are uploaded, secure interviews, and impress hiring managers.

Kickresume, Talentprise, Jobscan, Coverdoc.ai and Zapier are five such tools that can make your job hunting experience more enjoyable and effective. But these aren’t an inclusive list of tools that can make your job hunting quest easier. Of course, this article only scratches the surface of what useful AI tools are available. There’s a whole slew of other tools you can use after the job interview, like salary negotiation, self-evaluation, and even public speaking.

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