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Michigan State University - Master’s in Business Analytics
“I never thought it would be so quick. It would have been nearly impossible for me to do my master's if Prodigy wasn't there.“
Duke University - Master of Engineering Management
“It was much more efficient than Indian banks. The thing that stood out most for me about Prodigy are the people. There is someone you can reach out to, and someone will personally get back to you.“
“It's the opportunity to accomplish a dream and I don't know where I would be now without the Prodigy Finance loan.“
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International students often cannot get loans for their education because they lack credit histories. But Prodigy says it looks most closely at applicants’ earning potential, allowing it to ignore their lack of credit history, guarantor or co-signer.

Prodigy a case study of an emerging relationship between higher education and the global financial industry. It also highlights the ties between universities and corporate recruitment, as well as the push from banks and asset managers to associate themselves with assets that provide a "social benefit".

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