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Riona Rooplal - November, 08 2023

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Riona is an international student from South Africa who took a Prodigy Finance loan to study an MBA at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Ok, so you’ve made the big commitment and know you want to become an international student. But once that is decided, you’ve still got a lot of thinking to do!

Deciding where to study can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when thinking about what career field to go into. There are endless questions - “Will I enjoy it? Will I earn enough money? Will I be able to travel?”

Having studied at a few different places, I wanted to share my tips on narrowing down your choices.

Lets’ begin. First, try answering the following:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate?
  • What subjects do I really enjoy?
  • What subjects do I get the highest marks in?
  • What do I see myself doing 5 years from now? 10 years?
  • What is my ideal environment to work in?

This is to help you settle the question of ‘what course should I study?’. Once you have of an idea of that, then ask yourself the following to help determine where you should study abroad:

  • What is my favourite country?
  • Is there a place I always wanted to live in and see if I would enjoy it?
  • Is there a culture I love, besides my own?
  • What environment am I looking for (a place by the sea, or lots of parks)?
  • What weather do I enjoy the most?

So now you should have a better understanding of what academic subject you should choose and what physical environment you would thrive in. Let us keep going:

  • Am I able to study full-time or part-time?
  • Do I want to work in this country after graduating, or will I return home once my studies have been completed?
  • Do I need a loan to pay for my studies? If so, which countries am I able to get a loan to study in?
  • Which schools am I looking at? What makes them appealing to me?
  • Do I know anyone living in that country?
  • What are the benefits for me to study in that country?

Now look back through the lists you have made. There could be new findings that you did not expect, or answers that are reassuring. Either way, you will see a pattern forming from the answers and be able to gain more insight into which countries, schools and courses are the most appealing to you.

Most importantly, research a country’s culture, what appeals to you and your personality. You need to find a place where you will be happy to live, it could be for a short experience only (6 months), or it could be the place you’d like to work in or relocate to.

Moving abroad starts to become a bit clearer, once you know what you are looking for.

Good luck and happy exploring!

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