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INSEAD MBA startup: The Little Market

Prodigy Finance - August 03, 2016

INSEAD MBA startup: The Little Market
Rodolfo and Luciana Bragagnini, founders of this INSEAD MBA startup  

Rodolfo and Luciana Bragagnini

Rodolfo Bragagnini is a Peruvian MBA alumni from INSEAD (2013J). He co-owns a fashion maternity start-up with Luciana, his wife in Perú. He is also in charge of the commercial division at his family Real Estate firm. 

When I applied to INSEAD in 2012, one of the requirements for applicants was to have “international experience”. Having worked at 3M Peru for 10 years , I had the opportunity to visit different countries so I thought I had a lot of “that experience”. However, the INSEAD experience taught me that the world is a box full of surprises and opportunities. One of those surprises (discovery) ended up being a startup co-owned by a couple of Peruvian husbands, my wife Luciana, and myself.

The creation of My Bump – Fashion Maternity

Luciana became pregnant in Singapore during the first months of the MBA programme. A few months later, we had the opportunity to go to the campus at Fontainebleau, France, where Antonia, my daughter, was born. 

Pregnancy not only brings about physical and emotional changes, but also the need to buy new (maternity) clothes. In both countries, purchasing maternity clothes was not only a new experience, but also a great discovery: The maternity fashion concept does not exist in Peru, which lead to our creation of "My Bump - Fashion maternity" where our value proposition is that the mother CAN continue wearing fashionable clothes, even though their body goes through various changes.

I applied what I learned at INSEAD to my business in the real world

Returning from the MBA to create your own company is like having a business Swiss Army knife. Prototyping, minimizing fixed costs, finding seed capital, business canvas, P & L management, and managerial accounting were the type of tools that we used to start the company. 

The interesting thing is that all these tools makes sense in the real world! When you have a powerful concept and the business in order, it allows you to build a brand and touch the customer with a good value proposition.

An opportunity for expansion

While meeting these new customers, a new question was aroused: What if we combine other products that focus on the Mom? 

To answer that question we created the first Mother - Baby concept store called "The Little Market - Mom store". This allowed us to expand the product offering to moms ranging from maternity wear, sneakers, skin creams, earrings, etc. 

The store opened its doors this year and the results encourage us to continue our efforts in building an even better concept and offering to our customers.

This is my first experience in retail (I also work for the family real estate business) and I have to admit that the biggest reward is to see our customers happy while using our products in their very special moments. We are still figuring out the next steps for our company, but we are sure that the world will keep bringing new and better surprises. 

The MBA experience gave me the best tool to handle the challenge. 

Will an INSEAD MBA give you the tools you need to succeed?

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