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Prodigy Finance INSEAD student story: Wadzi

Prodigy Finance - March 11, 2014

Prodigy Finance INSEAD business spotlight
INSEAD MBA and Prodigy Finance borrower Wadzi

Wadzi, a dual Zimbabwean and Australian national, graduated from INSEAD with the 2012D class. She is one of the students featured in our post Prodigy Finance grads land dream positions

She is currently the Human Capital Director of the African Leadership Academy, and is responsible for driving the Academy's efforts to attract and develop talent from across the globe. 

Here, she shares why attending INSEAD was an important and career-changing experience for her, what is rewarding about her current work, and what she hopes to achieve in the years to come.

What were you doing before you went to INSEAD?

Immediately before INSEAD I was the Finance and Resource Mobilisation Officer for Kwetu Training Centre, a conservation and rural development NGO in the Kenyan coast. In this role, my primary responsibility was to raise funds for the organisation’s programmes in youth enterprise development, mangrove conservation, HIV and civil society awareness.

In what way was INSEAD an important experience for you? 

INSEAD expanded my world view in more ways than I had anticipated. I got my current job through the INSEAD network and I continually apply the knowledge and skills that I learnt during my MBA on a daily basis.

What influence has attending INSEAD had on your career?

INSEAD taught me that with the right application and asking the right questions of the right people, I can attack any business problem. My current role has been a stretch role - I changed industries, country and function post INSEAD! 

I would not have been able to complete this tri-factor without the confidence that comes from understanding that I have a valuable and transferable skill set and the training to ask the right questions!

Tell us a bit about what you do at the African Leadership Academy

In my current role, I am responsible for recruiting and developing the staff and faculty who deliver the Academy’s programmes for African youth. As the Academy’s first Human Capital Director, much of my work in my first year was building the department and laying some of the basic HR foundation stones that people take for granted in more established institutions.

In what ways is your work interesting, or rewarding?

The vision of ALA is to develop the next generation of African leaders. This is compelling and yields rewards on a daily basis. The greatest reward is knowing that I am part of building a legacy that will change the continent through the lives of our alumni, both students and staff.

Because ALA is such a young organisation (in its sixth year of operation), I have the opportunity to innovate and build systems. Over the last year I have designed and implemented performance appraisal and compensation systems for the Academy’s staff and I am currently building out the professional development offering.

What would you still like to achieve in the next several years?

My ultimate ambition is to build an organisation that takes fundamental business skills to the multitudes of micro, small and medium enterprises that are driving the transformation of the African continent. As such over the next few years, I am focussing on acquiring the skills, experiences and relationships that will enable me to do that.

Will INSEAD take you where you want to go?

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