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Shaping social impact investing with the 2018 Prodigy Finance Impact Report

Cara Grobler - April 10, 2018

Credit Report

At Prodigy Finance, we're improving access to both financing and higher education, particularly for those with limited options.

We hold ourselves accountable to this goal, and want to share our progress and results with our community of students, investors and schools.

On 14 March 2018, we launched our first-ever Impact Report at Impact Hub Kings Cross, London.

Alongside an advisory panel of:

  • Janine Haendel, CEO, Roger Federer Foundation
  • Salah-Eddine Kandri, Global Head of Education, International Finance Corporation
  • Fred Swaniker, Founder, African Leadership Academy
  • Laura Hemrika, Global Head of Corporate Citizenships & Foundations, Credit Suisse
  • Sherryl Kuhlman, Managing Director, Wharton Social Impact Initiative

Our working group based across Cape Town, New York and Zurich put together our belief on the theory of social change, mission and overall objectives in the impact space.

The theory of social change is the model of how our inputs (funding, support, advisory) and outputs (access to loans and education) achieves our expected outcome over the short, medium and long term. Essentially, it helps evaluate the impact of an investment or company.

This benchmark will enable us to analyse our performance and constantly improve, intervene or scale. 

Impact Report 2018

"Talent is borderless, and access to education and financial services should be too." 
-- Cameron Stevens, CEO and Founder, Prodigy Finance

The impact a postgraduate degree can have is far-reaching. We have decided to publish our first Impact Report to review our first ten years and better understand the impact we are creating on people's lives. Download the report to hear from our borrowers, and to read more about our Mission and Theory of Social Change.

Download the Impact Report 2018 here.

Prodigy Finance Impact Report

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