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Prodigy Finance FAQ: Why do you only work with the schools and programs listed on the website?

Prodigy Finance - August 08, 2018

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about why we work with the schools that we do.

Prodigy Finance FAQ: Why do you only work with the schools and programs listed on the website?

At Prodigy Finance, we provide loans to international students attending top schools around the world with funding from our community of alumni, schools, and other investors. 

Our unique business model allows us to support students at more than 100 universities worldwide. 

We’re only able to support the schools listed on our website as we have a certain set of funding requirements that need to be met. 

If you’re planning on pursuing a postgraduate degree, but don’t see it listed on our website, please send us an email at info@prodigyfinance.com. 

Or, reach out to your school’s financial aid office and let them know you’re interested in Prodigy Finance.

Why do you only work with the schools and programs listed on the website?

Which universities and degrees does Prodigy Finance support?

We currently support over 300 schools at more than 150 universities

International students can use Prodigy Finance loans to pursue postgraduate degrees in business, engineering, public policy and law. And, we're continually adding new schools to the list.

Looking for a specific university or school? Check whether Prodigy Finance supports your programme, then get the details you need about available loans for your degree. 

Interested in a Prodigy Finance Loan?

Prodigy Finance offers no cosigner, collateral-free loans to eligible international students attending supported universities across the globe. If you're considering postgraduate study, you might want to consider a Prodigy Finance loan.

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