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Manage credit h1b visa

What H-1B visa holders need to know about building US credit

Prodigy Finance - February 18, 2020

For many, the H-1B visa is the stepping stone between the OPT extension on the F-1 visa and Green Card status. And, while that sounds simple enough, the H-1B visa is actually quite complex, with...

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Prodigy finance comparing international student loans

How to compare loans for international students

Prodigy Finance - February 10, 2020

Students interested in pursuing postgraduate study in their home countries probably have a good idea where to look for education loans to complete their degree. Each country has their own set of...

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International mba budget

What should be in your international MBA budget?

Katie Schenk - February 06, 2020

Whether you’re busy studying for your GMAT or waiting on your admits, there’s something else you should be doing too. Now is perhaps the best time to start putting your b-school budget into order....

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How does prodigy disburse the funds and when hero

Prodigy Finance FAQ: How does Prodigy disburse the funds and when?

Prodigy Finance - November 07, 2019

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about Forex risk and taking a loan in a different currency than your school.This video will answer many of your questions in...

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Prodigy finance considers savings or international student loans

Should I use my savings or take private student loans to fund my degree?

Katie Schenk - November 05, 2019

See why these students chose an international student loan to fund their master's degrees overseas:

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Emi vs apr international student loans

Why can’t I find the EMI on my Prodigy Finance loan?

Katie Schenk - November 04, 2019

Wondering why Prodigy Finance doesn't have much to say about EMI? Looking for it on your provisional loan offer and can't find it? If you’re considering an international study loan with Prodigy...

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Prodigy Finance FAQ: When and how will I get my proof of funding?

Prodigy Finance - November 04, 2019

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about the Prodigy Finance loan letter and when you'll receive yours.Want a quick answer? This short video explains it for you:

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Prodigy Finance FAQ: I have never taken credit before – why do I need to provide a credit report?

Prodigy Finance - November 04, 2019

Interested in a Prodigy Finance loan? Here's your chance to learn more about how long the application process lasts from start to finish.Take a minute to watch this super short video. It'll answer...

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10 US companies that will sponsor H-1B visas

Ricardo Fernandez - October 31, 2019

“Will this company sponsor my H-1B visa once my F-1 OPT ends?”

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Guide to managing your credit on an opt visa

What F-1 OPT visa students need to know about building US credit

Prodigy Finance - October 30, 2019

As an international student or recent graduate with an F-1 visa, you’ll eventually want to focus some attention on building and managing your credit in the US. You may know many students that came...

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