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Prodigy Finance awards Women in Tech Scholarship

Prodigy Finance - December 18, 2018

Prodigy Finance awards Women in Tech Scholarship

In October, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development released their Bridging the Digital Gender Divide report. They found that just 24% of grad-level engineering students in developed countries are women. 

Enrollment figures are just the beginning. Employment is another story, with a mere 18% to 20% female representation within the American engineering sector alone. That figure actually sinks in the UK to 12%.

Something clearly needs to change. And, fortunately, it’s happening. Companies are beginning to set targets which will increase the number of women in STEM positions - including management and skilled technical roles.

To encourage more women to pursue their STEM and engineering masters dreams, Prodigy Finance was pleased to launch a dedicated Woman in Tech ‘scholarship’ this year - in addition to the ten ‘scholarships’ awarded annually to Prodigy Finance borrowers

Introducing the first Prodigy Finance Women in Tech scholarship recipient

In November 2018, Prodigy Finance awarded Veenah Venugopal with the inaugural Women in Tech ‘scholarship’. With her undergraduate degree in engineering, she’s pursuing her Master of Engineering Management to expand her skills in both engineering and business. 

“Business isn’t an exact science. It’s unpredictable because it involves people, their emotions and behaviours. This unpredictability is what makes business all the more exciting for me.”

Veenah Venugopal 2018 scholarship recipient

“Today, respect isn’t in the cold hard cash. It’s in knowledge. And through this degree, I aspire to reach a position so high that people who discriminate against women will be forced to take a second look. 

Getting this scholarship supports my dreams and ambitions, and helps me to facilitate the dreams of the next girl in line.”

Veenah Venugopal

Master of Engineering Management, Duke University Pratt School of Engineering

Prodigy Finance: social impact

Prodigy Finance was built on the belief that talent is universal, so access to education should be as well. We’re continually looking at ways to increase opportunities and support to more students, more programmes, and more universities.

Through our efforts to increase access the Prodigy Finance ‘Scholarship’ Programme was launched. Inspiration for our Women in Tech ‘scholarship’ came through the experiences of our team members and was driven by one of our scholarship judges, Whitney Morgan. 

“I’m thrilled we have expanded our scholarship offering this year to include one specifically designed for Women in Tech. 

It’s important that women have the access to pursue fields like technology, one that traditionally has left women outnumbered and on a path with many challenging cultural and societal pressures. 

This scholarship is one way we can show our support for today’s women engineers and help ensure there are role models in place to guide our future female leaders.”

Whitney Morgan

Whitney Morgan

After spending time in engineering, venture capital, and startups across a range of industries, Whitney now leads Global Partnerships for Prodigy Finance in London. Whitney holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Systems & Information Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Want to know about the Prodigy Finance Women in Tech Scholarship?

Take a moment to learn a little more about the criteria for our scholarships and how they’re awarded. You might just be the next recipient of $10,000 towards your masters degree. 

Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

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