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Prodigy Finance awards 2018 scholarships to international masters students

Prodigy Finance - December 05, 2018

Prodigy Finance scholarships 2018

At least 80% of Prodigy Finance borrowers hail from emerging market economies and 59% of borrowers are the first in their family to attend university for postgraduate study. 

More than that, 89% of borrowers would've found it difficult (if not impossible) to accept their seat for top international masters programmes without Prodigy Finance.

It's exactly these talented students that the company wanted to reach when it was founded.

But, we've always wanted to reach deeper, to create real impact.  

"It is obvious that the success of the students we fund and of Prodigy are closely interconnected. Our company can only be successful if we succeed in improving people’s lives." 

Cameron Stevens, Founder and CEO

The Prodigy Finance 'Scholarship' Programme 2018

As part of our mission to improve the lives of our borrowers, their families, communities, and the world as a whole, we've been awarding scholarships annually. Recipients receive $10,000 in the form of debt forgiveness towards their Prodigy Finance loans. 

This year, we've awarded ten scholarships to business and engineering students, plus an additional Woman in Tech 'Scholarship'. 

Our first five recipients were selected in May - and truly are looking to transform our world. 

"I'm a first generation college student. I'm certain this will inspire members of my community by showing them that anyone can pursue a career in technology irrespective of one's past."

Ritesh Giri 2018 scholarship recipient

Ritesh Giri

MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Georgia Tech

"I want to be an entrepreneur and have an impact in the AI+tech world, especially in Latin America where there aren’t a lot of role models and little development on AI applications."

Gabriel Bayomi 2018 scholarship recipient

Gabriel Bayomi

MS in Intelligent Information Systems; CMU School of Computer Science

"My goal is to enable people who want to change the world: helping startups in emerging markets to incorporate best practices adapted." 

Manuk Shirinyan 2018 scholarship recipient

Manuk Shirinyan


Chicago Booth

"With limited financial resources, Prodigy Finance allowed me to fund my education while my savings support my parents."

Suyog Karnawat 2018 scholarship recipient

Suyog Karnawat



"I accepted an opportunity to go to my dream school because Prodigy Finance assisted me at the right time. I’m sure I’ll make the best use of this support and pay it forward as I always have."

Deeksha Yennam

MS in Business Analytics

The University of Texas, Austin McCombs School of Business

Deeksha Yennam 2018 scholarship recipient

In November, we selected the remaining 6 scholarship winners, including Veenah Venugopal - our Woman in Tech scholarship recipient.

"I've often faced gender discrimination. Through my degree and work, I want to show the world that women can be the very change this planet needs, and what better way to show it than setting an example?"

Veenah Venugopal 2018 scholarship recipient

Veenah Venugopal

Master of Engineering Management

Duke University Pratt School of Engineering

"Quality education is something that empowers an individual and provides the ability to contribute to the betterment of society. This scholarship allows me to concentrate on my studies now so I can give back later."

Sajal Maheshwary 2018 scholarship recipient

Sajal Maheshwary

MS in Quantitative and Computational Finance; Georgia Tech - Scheller College of Business

"I'm passionate about solving the problems of the future grid. This scholarship enables me to remain focused on the purpose of bettering the lives of other people through an improved power system."

Ikechukwu Dimobi 2018 scholarship recipient

Ikechukwu Dimobi

MS Electrical Engineering

Virginia Tech - College of Engineering

"It's necessary for me to cover both my own expenses and contribute to my family's needs while studying. This scholarship offers significant relief and is a huge honour for me."

Stamatios Athiniotis 2018 scholarship recipient

Stamatios Athiniotis

MS in Mechanical Engineering

CMU College of Engineering

"My goal is to apply the skills that I'll develop through my MBA - and my work ethic - to create value for emerging and developing economies by working in high impact projects in the Energy sector."

Marcos Ferrari 2018 scholarship recipient

Marcos Ferrari


UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

"I believe there will come a day when all we will require to detect, identify and describe objects will be a mobile phone equipped with a camera. This is the world that I look forward to and I want to add to it as much as I can."

Viraj Mavani 2018 scholarship recipient

Viraj Mavani

MS Computer Science

UT Dallas Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science

Prodigy Finance: creating impact

Education creates opportunities that extend far beyond the person receiving it - and the impact that international masters degree can have on entire communities is tremendous. 

We've continuously worked to extend the best experience possible for our borrowers so they can focus on what really matters. 

The Prodigy Finance Scholarship was created in the spirit of doing more and it's something our 'scholarship' judges firmly believe makes a difference:

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Bishop

Membership Manager

“At Prodigy Finance, we have a 20-year relationship with our customers. During that time they will change countries, change jobs, start families, and grow in ways that we cannot imagine. We want to be there, helping to make those transitions seamless.”


Ricardo Fernandez

Head of Business Development

“We are excited to give scholarships each for $10,000 to top students attending the best universities in the world. As a leading fintech company, we look at creative ways to help our clients and give them an extra boost to not worry as much about their financial burden and focus on their education.”

Interested in a Prodigy Finance scholarship?

Apply for a Prodigy Finance loan for your international post-graduate degree, and stay tuned for more information regarding our 2019 scholarship programme. 

Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

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