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10 awesome jobs - Prodigy grads land their dream positions

Charlotte Lau - February 27, 2014

10 awesome jobs

You know when you meet people with jobs so cool that they couldn’t possibly exist? And you want to be their friend because maybe their awesomeness will rub off on you, like some sort of aura osmosis? But you also kind of hate them because you have a “real world” job that doesn’t involve, you know, quality-checking chocolate for a living?

Right. Well, get ready to feel that way now, times ten.

1. Senior role in innovation and development in Philips’ technology arm. The company is involved in great incubation projects like Luminous textiles (textiles with changing sound and light) and Shapeways (which allows you to design products and 3D print them). Philips is also engaging in innovative research on ambient intelligence and electronic paper.

2. Head of Partnerships for a surgery simulator. The product provides a way for medical school students to “learn by doing,” test their knowledge, and track progress. It serves as a helpful midway point between textbook learning and real-life clinical practice.

3. C-level in a Bitcoin software development company.  This start-up develops software for firms (banks, wealth managers, brokers) to offer Bitcoin to their customers. We imagine the days at the office are quite exciting, following the digital currency’s well-known volatility and skyrocketing value. (One Norwegian guy spent $27 on Bitcoin in 2009—and then cashing out one-fifth of it this year to buy a fancy apartment in Oslo.)

4. C-level in an Israeli start-up that utilizes “augmented reality (like Google glasses!) and touchscreen devices to make children's' games. The company has been featured on the popular Israeli tech site Nocamels.

5. Develops programmes for talented young Africans graduating from high school, to provide them with meaningful mentorship, develop their human capital, and prepare them for college.

6. Co-founder of a cooking class company in Moscow. Before starting the venture, the Prodigy grad also worked as a chef at restaurants all over Europe. Yum!

7. Digital business development for EMI Music, a music publishing company that has signed famous songwriters for songs headlined by Adele, Usher, Norah Jones, and basically everyone on the Billboard Top 40. And given the interesting changes in the music industry today (due to YouTube and piracy issues), we imagine that directing digital business development would be particularly fascinating.

8. Business Strategy manager for Gilt Groupe. The company organizes flash sales of online luxury goods. The carefully curated list of handbags, jewelry, shoes, ties, home décor, and even jet-setter packages has developed quite a following. The company now ships to over 100 countries worldwide.

9. Finance and planning for Paramount Pictures, one of the top-grossing film studios in the world. It’s responsible for distributing Shrek, Transformers, Mission Impossible, Indiana Jones, and Star Trek. Need we say more?

10. C-level in startup platforms for community classes (kind of like Skillshare). This start-up model is (understandably) popping up everywhere, because who wouldn’t want to take cool classes in things like professional chocolate making, robotics, succeeding on Kickstarter, bartending, or map making.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be contacting some of these students (and more!) to share their stories and career advice with others in the community. So stay tuned!

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