Prodigy Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA). In order to invest in the Bond Programme, you must be a Professional Investor. This means that you are either:




If you meet either of these criteria and wish to invest, please send us an email at 

Investment Features

You’ll only be able to invest once you’re registered as either a) professional investor, b) high net worth or self-certified sophisticated investor, and have completed our pre-investment questionnaire.

Below are some of the features accessible through investing with Prodigy Finance.

  • Diversification. Loan portfolio achieves diversification by funding postgraduate students attending business, engineering, law public policy, and health sciences degrees at top universities around the world.
  • Regular coupons. Investors receive a quarterly coupon payment of principal and interest as students repay their loans.
  • Social impact. 89% of current borrowers depend on Prodigy Finance to fund their degree and 80% come from emerging markets.
  • Limited liquidity. This product may have limited or no liquidity and you may find it difficult or impossible to realise the value of your investment. Capital at risk.
  • Listed instruments. Bonds are issued on the main board of the Irish Stock Exchange.
  • Multiple currencies. Investors can choose to invest in multiple different currencies, including GBP, EUR, and USD.
  • Unique private debt. Our bonds consist of a portfolio of unsecured, not guaranteed loans provided to talented students studying at top universities globally. 

"I wanted to invest a small sum of money in an asset other than property but I did not feel comfortable investing in companies that I had no connection to, or which I could not be sure were acting ethically in their business activities and decisions. I liked the idea of a ‘community investment’ that supports real people doing something that will benefit their careers and long-term futures."


Ten years of impact

Our unique business model was born out of the belief that access to finance should be borderless and merit-based. We believe in a world in which it won’t matter where you are born or live, or how wealthy your family is, if you have talent and drive you will be able to access the building blocks you need to fulfil your potential. Traditional lenders were unwilling to lend cross border so we set out to solve this problem. Ten years later and we’re pleased to share with you the results.

Impact Report 2018

"Talent is borderless, and access to education and financial services should be too." 
-- Cameron Stevens, CEO and Founder, Prodigy Finance

The impact a postgraduate degree can have is far-reaching. We have decided to publish our first Impact Report to review our first ten years and better understand the impact we are creating on people's lives. Download the report to hear from our borrowers, and to read more about our Mission and Theory of Social Change.

Download the Impact Report 2018 here.

Prodigy Finance Impact Report

Discover our research papers

Whitepaper: Technology as an enabler for international access to credit

Technology has the power to change lives in ways we are yet to imagine, and right now it is shaking up the world of consumer finance.

In this white paper, we look at the four key challenges faced by start-up firms for the use of technology in enabling globally mobile consumers to access credit – funds that are critical to achieving personal hopes and dreams, while also re-shaping the international finance sector. These are:

  • Varying regulatory environments
  • Difficulties building a standardised business model
  • Credibility
  • Cyber security

Download the whitepaper here.

Whitepaper: Finance that transforms lives

The changing face of global credit mobility and how Fintech is providing opportunities for international students.

What you will learn from this whitepaper:

  • Why global credit mobility is so critical in the pursuit of tertiary education.
  • The role traditional lenders in developing nations have played in shaping global credit mobility for education.
  • How Fintech is disrupting the status quo.

Download the whitepaper here.

finance that transforms lives
Our community


Our investors are a combination of members of the school community, alumni, social impact investors and other qualified private investors.


Our students come from 127 countries around the world. Top MBAs experience salary increases of approximately 97% after graduating as it advances their careers*.
* FT MBA Rankings 2017


We support business, engineering, law and public policy courses. Schools benefit from partnering with us as it increases the diversity of talent across their campuses, despite socio-economic status.

What would you say to the investors who contributed to your funding?
What would you say to the investors who contributed to your funding?

“The first word I would love to say to investors is ‘merci’. That is the first French word I learnt. A very big thank you, because without them, it wouldn’t be possible for so many students from so many different parts of the world to pursue their dream and not be constrained by financial burden.”

Romit Choudhury

What impact does Prodigy Finance's loan programme have on schools?
What impact does Prodigy Finance's loan programme have on schools?

“The impact has been huge. We know that we’re recruiting students who, without the loan, might not have been able to join us. So, for us, the ability for those students to access this funding has meant that we’ve recruited some brilliant people who might not be in the class otherwise.”

David Simpson
Admissions Director
London Business School

How is Prodigy Finance's model revolutionary?
How is Prodigy Finance's model revolutionary?

“The Prodigy Finance solution is revolutionary because it really increases the depth and access to higher education for international students. It is a true example of a win/win situation.”

Verena Butt

Key stakeholders

Prodigy Finance is backed by venture capitalists Balderton Capital and Index Ventures, and has also raised debt capital from institutional investors to further support postgraduate students. The Board of Directors includes Ed Wray, a co-founder of the hugely successful peer-to-peer betting company, Betfair.

Important disclosures for the MBA Community Loan PLC Note Programme

In accordance with EU Prospectus Regulation we are required to make the following documents available in relation to the MBA Community Loans PLC €1,000,000,000 Secured Limited Recourse Note Programme:

Prodigy Finance has processed over US$1 billion in funding to over 20,000 students.  Let us help you invest in tomorrow's leaders, today.

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