The 2019 scholarship has closed and our winner has been selected! 

Meet Francisco Galtieri.

As an NGO founder and global energy leader, Fran proved he was a scholarship candidate deserving of the final prize. You voted and decided that we should help send him to Columbia to pursue his MPA.

We’re proud to be covering the costs of Fran’s degree and can’t wait to see how he changes the world. You can watch his video entry below:

Francisco Galtieri Prodigy Finance Scholarship Winner 2019

Meet previous Prodigy Finance scholars

Veenah Venugopal
Veenah Venugopal

Pratt School of Engineering

Gabriel Bayomi
Gabriel Bayomi

CMU School of Computer Science

Sajal Maheshwary
Sajal Maheshwary

Georgia Tech - Scheller College of Business

What do I need to know?

The 2019 Prodigy Finance Global Scholarship has now closed. You can find out more about how it worked below.

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

You can apply for the Prodigy Finance Global Scholarship regardless of whether you have a Prodigy Finance loan or not. To be eligible, you need to be an international student admitted to study a postgraduate degree at any of the schools we support and due to start in 2019. You can also apply if you are on track to receive an admission for the 2019 academic year but have not received confirmation (we’ll ask for proof of admission if you are successful).

How many scholarships are there?

For the first time ever, there is one scholarship of a larger amount. One scholarship recipient will be chosen to receive the equivalent of the full cost of one year’s tuition up to $100,000*.

How will my scholarship application be assessed?

The scholarship recipient will be chosen based on a combination of our internal assessment criteria (finalists) and public voting (winner).

Our internal shortlisting procedure will take the following into consideration:

  • Merit-based criteria: Measured by your GMAT, GRE, LSAT, whichever is applicable. If you’ve taken another test, you’ll be able to submit that score too.
  • Skills-based objective criteria: Measured by you providing the correct answers to objective questions in the application form.
  • Motivational criteria: Your motivational paragraph will be reviewed by our judges if the above criteria is met. The motivation will need to demonstrate substantive reasoning for you to receive a scholarship and how the scholarship will impact on your postgraduate experience.

How can I increase my chances of being awarded the scholarship?

You can increase your chances of being shortlisted as a finalist by uploading a high test score (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, other), or further demonstration of academic merit. A substantive, well-written motivational paragraph will also increase your chances of being shortlisted as a finalist.

Finalists will then go into the final round where the public will be invited to vote for the winner. You can increase your chances of winning by uploading an inspiring motivational video in your application, which you believe will help you gain more votes. Prodigy Finance will be opening voting to the general public on 8th April 2019, and we encourage finalists to share the voting link with your community and networks to encourage them to vote for you! The applicant with the most votes by the 19th April 2019 will win the scholarship.

When do applications close?

Applications are open until the 31st March 2019.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

10 finalists will be chosen by our judges and contacted ahead of voting opening. 

Voting will open on the 8th April 2019 and will close on the 19th April 2019.

The winner will receive official notification of their successful application on or around the 26th April 2019.

If my application is successful, how will I receive my scholarship?

Depending on where you are studying, your scholarship will either be paid to your school or directly to you. We will confirm exactly how scholarship money will be paid once you have been selected as the winner.

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