What you need to know for your University of London - London Business School loan

Key Benefits:

  • No co-signer, collateral or guarantor required
  • 150 nationalities eligible
  • Loans available for current and incoming international students. UK nationals are also eligible.
  • No up-front fee
  • 6 month grace period after classes end for full-time programs
  • Living expenses loans for full-time MBA students
  • No fees for early repayment
  • Get a provisional loan decision within 2 to 5 business days

What programs are supported?

We support the following courses at London Business School:

  • MBA
  • Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in Financial Analysis
  • Masters in Management
  • Sloan Masters in Leadership
  • All EMBA programs

How much can I borrow?

  • For MBA Students, up to 80% Cost of Attendance minus sponsorship (as provided by the school).
  • For all other Master programs, up to 100% tuition minus sponsorship (as provided by the school).
  • For part-time students, up to 80% of Cost of Tuition
  • Loans are available in GBP or USD
  • Minimum loan size is £10,000 or $15,000

Important Additional Information

  • The loan size you may be offered will depend on your specific application.
  • Please note that if you are a part-time student, you will need to prove that you are permanently employed in order to have your loan confirmed.
  • If you are an MBA student and receive a loan for living expenses, the amount will be transferred to LBS, who will then transfer it to your bank account.
  • For other full-time students, if you make any payments towards your tuition fees prior to LBS receiving the funds from Prodigy Finance, LBS will not be able to refund excess funds back to you as living expenses. The only exception is for compulsory reservation and commitment fees, and for students who have been awarded LBS scholarships.
  • Once your loan is confirmed, we can issue you with a hard copy loan confirmation letter which you can use for your UKVI appointment. Please do not use the provisional loan letter for your UKVI. Please consult LBS' Visa & Compliance office for all information relating to your visa application.

Are there fees?

  • Fee of 2.5% of the loan amount (minimum of $500 or £400) is added to the loan amount and fully amortized.

How do I repay the loan?

  • The loan is repaid in monthly payments after your grace period has ended.
  • For full-time students the grace period is 6 months after classes end.
  • For part-time students the grace period is 3 months after the last disbursement.
  • The repayment period is either 7, 10 years or 15 years, depending on your program and application.
  • There are no fees or penalties for early repayment!
  • What are my repayment options

Is there a deadline to apply?

  • No, but try to submit an application at least one month before the loan needs to be disbursed to your school to ensure timely disbursement.

Are there nationalities Prodigy cannot lend to?

  • Yes, unfortunately. While Prodigy is able to lend to students from 150 nationalities, here is a list of the currently restricted nationalities.

What is my rate?

  • To find out what rate you could qualify for, apply for a quote using our online application form

Learn More!

Would you like to hear from our current students who are using Prodigy loans to fund their studies? There are quite a few in this video and you can get in touch with a few of them through our Ambassadors program.

Still have questions? Contact us via email or read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note the following when you consider taking your loan: Loans denominated in a currency other than the currency of your tuition and/or the currency of your post-Master degree salary may be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. Prodigy Finance is not responsible for any differences in amount that these currency fluctuations may cause, and does not benefit from any currency appreciation or depreciation.


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