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Prodigy Finance was started by three INSEAD MBA graduates who experienced firsthand the difficulties of financing an international MBA. In 2007, they set out to solve this problem.

Our innovative model offers loans to international postgraduate students at leading business schools. Through our community platform, alumni and other investors earn competitive returns, while students gain access to higher education they otherwise might not have been able to finance.

Simple online application

Preliminary decision in 5 business days

Loans offered to 150 nationalities

Competitive interest rates

No need for guarantees, co-signers, or collateral

Repayment begins six months after your studies have ended, if you’re a full-time student

Community connection to your school’s alumni who are investing in your potential

Help with the repayment process from our skilled, friendly team

Yes, you certainly can! Our team of Prodigy ambassadors acts as a bridge between the business school community and Prodigy staff around the world. The program involves some interesting, meaningful work for students, as well as a stipend towards travel. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us! Please send an email to for more information.

We provide loans to talented international students at top business schools, funded by a community of alumni and other investors. Our investors earn competitive financial returns and contribute to social impact. Our student borrowers can afford the higher education they need to progress in their careers.

You should use the salary your earned PRE-STUDY (i.e. your salary before starting your Master’s degree), even if you are a second year student.

Prodigy Finance has developed a proprietary financial model that combines more than 50 variables to assess each student profile. It is a predictive model, so it takes into account not only the current situation reflected by the student in the application, but also the future potential of repayment according the programme and school attended.

Bank statements show incoming deposits and outgoing transactions from your bank account.

Bank statements should preferably be in English. If they are only available in a foreign language (or otherwise are unclear), please provide us with English translations.

Our ID Verification Team supports a wide range of languages, so you may not need to upload a translation for your documents. In the rare instance where a translation is required, we will let you know. Should translation be required, you are welcome to use a freelance service such as provided you include the full name and contact details of the translator.

If documents are not available in English, a certified English translation may speed up the process. However, our ID Verification Team supports a wide range of languages so in most cases a translation is not required. Should your documents be in an unsupported language, we will let you know.

Please include the full name of a bank manager, relationship manager, employer, or other person who can verify these documents, if necessary.

A note on internet statements: These documents must be either paper documents or e-statements that are delivered by the issuer to you. Internet banking screenshots or unofficial statements are not accepted.

Should you drop out of university, you are still required to repay your loan as per your loan agreement. Note that your repayments will be due earlier, as the first repayment date will relate to the date on which your participation in the course terminates.

Our due diligence commitment to investors requires that we obtain certain supporting documents within a reasonable time frame prior to disbursement. Whilst it is usually not a problem to defer a granted loan from one class to the next within the same school and course, you may be required to resubmit updated supporting documents closer to the start of the new class.

As the credit decision is based on the information reflected in your application, should any of your details (income, funding sources, employment, etc.) change, you will need to let us know about these changes so that our credit committee can confirm or amend their original decision as appropriate.

If this is the case, Prodigy will disburse the loan in the currency as per the loan agreement, and the funds will be converted to the tuition currency by the school’s bank on the date of disbursement. Please note that we do not have control over currency exchange rates.

Watch this video and listen to one of our colleagues explain to you what happens if your loan is in a different currency than your tuition fee.

Should you be granted approval for your first-year loan from us, we will also inform you if you have ‘pre-approval’ for a loan for your second year, and the maximum loan amount. Pre-approval is based on the estimated budget details provided in your current application. However, please note that as your second year approaches you will need to provide a new application for final approval on your second year loan.

Prior to final approval of the second year loan amount, you must provide any updates to your budget and expenses, and inform us of any changes to your financial situation. This benefits us, you as the student, and the school. For example, if you want to ask for a higher loan amount for the second year, and you have a job offer to show us, these changes may impact the loan offer granted for the second year.

Want to know what a conditional approval for your 2nd year means? Watch this video and listen to one of our colleagues explain your second year conditional offer

The maximum loan amount that you can borrow varies from school to school. Please consult individual schools’ loan terms pages on our website for more details.

You can view your support tickets by visiting your Support Centre via the link at the top of your Prodigy Dashboard. Click on your name and select "My activities" to see a list of all your tickets.

Due to the way funding is structured, the disbursement date is set for the class as a whole and cannot be adjusted on an individual basis. As the final loan agreement can only be signed upon arrival on campus in the case of part-time courses, the funds cannot be disbursed prior to the start of class.

We can unfortunately not advise on tax matters as it applies in various countries around the globe. You will have to discuss this with a local tax attorney or other appropriate advisor in your country.

However, we can issue a tax certificate listing all transactions on your account for any specified period. This will include a record of all payments received from you as well as all charges to your account such as administration fees, interest, late payment fees, etc.

Should you require documentation to prove your funds for visa purposes or financial guarantee to the school, we will issue you with a Loan Confirmation letter. Please note that we will only issue you with such a letter after all of the administrative steps of your loan application are complete and your loan has been finalised.

An electronic copy of your Loan Confirmation letter will be uploaded to your dashboard and can be used as financial guarantee for the school.  In some instances, this electronic copy may also support your visa application. 

If you’re attending a school in the UK, we advise you use your original Loan Confirmation letter when applying for your visa. We can send this letter via DHL at an additional fee of GBP 25.

Expected delivery time via DHL is 3 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number as soon as the document has been collected by DHL. If it has not been delivered within 1 week from the date of collection, we will send another copy via DHL at no additional charge to you.

Watch this video and listen to one of our colleagues explain how the Prodigy Finance scholarship works

We’re sorry to hear this, as a financial service provider we have a complaints process. Please email us your complaint to

As a financial service provider we have a complaints process, click this link to see it.

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