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Prodigy Finance makes payments directly to the school only. 

The full amount of your Prodigy loan will be sent directly to the school. Any amount in excess of your tuition due, when applicable, will then be transferred from the school to your personal bank account so that you can use it for living expenses and other costs.

If you have questions about how this process works at your schools, please contact the Financial Aid Office at your school.

Watch this video to find out more about the disbursement of your living expenses.

A few things my have changed - we have recently refreshed our Loan Agreement documents, so these might look a bit different.

In terms of loan details, your fixed margin should remain the same as previously quoted. However, please do note that LIBOR base rates do change each quarter of the year - the last update being completed on 8th July 2017. Due to a change in this base rate your APR and total cost of the loan may have changed.

Watch this video and listen to one of our colleagues explain how our disbursement process works.