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Where do our student borrowers come from? #emergingmarkets

Charlotte Lau - February 22, 2013

With co-founders from South Africa, Prodigy Finance has believed in the power of emerging markets from the start.

So where do our student borrowers come from? Here are their top 20 countries of origin.

Map of the top 20 countries of origin of our student borrowers, as of Feb 2013. Circle areas indicate relative size of each nationality in our portfolio; the top ten are labelled with names and percentages.

In this map, we've coloured BRIC countries in dark orange, other frontier/emerging markets in light orange, and developed countries in blue.

Here are some more fun facts about our students:

  • Over one-third of our student borrowers come from BRIC countries, with the most-represented nationality being Indians.
  • Over 75% of our student portfolio comes from the frontier or emerging markets, as defined by the Dow Jones country classification system.
  • We have already lent out to 84 nationalities, and our legal framework covers anyone from 150 countries.
For investors, that means our bonds are not only socially responsible investments in education, but also a secure way of investing in global emerging markets.

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