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VIDEO: Prodigy Finance borrowers share their stories

Prodigy Finance - February 01, 2017

Community funding for
international students at top US business schools

Ever wonder what Prodigy Finance-funded students have to say about working with the company? These students received funding to pursue their international MBAs at top business schools. Take a look at their journeys in their words

I’m originally from Pakistan.

I’m from Mongolia.

I’m originally from Harare.

I wanted to take my career to the next level. That’s how business school kind of fit in to the picture. You get exposure to guest speakers, companies, professors and classmates that just broaden your world completely.

I was struggling to find banks or lenders who would give loans to international students. When I reached out to Prodigy, the immediate answer was “yes we can”. They understood exactly what we need as MBA students. They don’t require a US co-signer.

The process is very simple. Everything was online. Prodigy’s approach is very personal. It’s not your typical lender-borrower interaction.

One of the things I really like about Prodigy is that it’s alumni-funded. It’s basically people who have been in my position trusting people who are now in need of loans to finance their education.

Prodigy Finance made the difference between me staying in business school and not being able to realise this life-long dream. 

Do you need a loan to attend your dream school?

Prodigy Finance can help with international student loans to pursue business, engineering, law, public policy and health science programmes at top universities across the globe. 

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