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Using scholarships to supplement overseas education

We Make Scholars - November 29, 2016

Using Scholarships to Supplement Overseas Education

Education is vital. It’s important to individuals, communities, and countries. Whether you’re tackling development issues, building roads, creating new digital connections, or enforcing the law, education is crucial.

As the world becomes smaller, education and connection become more important. It’s little wonder that millions of students choose to pursue higher education abroad.

At the same time, there are more than ten million countless would-be students that can’t take advantage of educational opportunities because of financial constraints. It happens even to the brightest students, and to those admitted to the top schools across the globe. 

Making it possible to pursue Master’s education

Prodigy Finance grew out of the problem of accessing education. How could it be so difficult to obtain financing to attend a top business university in the world? If the number one MBA programme could see the merits and dedication of a person and the post-grad earning potential were there, why couldn’t banks see it too?

The founders of Prodigy Finance set out to make international graduate-level education accessible to students from around the world. New financial models were developed as negotiations with top schools began. As many as 80 percent of Prodigy Finance-funded students reported no alternative means of paying for their education.

Given the complementary nature of scholarships and loans in higher education budgets, students must pursue every opportunity out there. No matter what the earning potential of a Master’s degree, it just makes sense to borrow as little as possible.

Scholarships (such as the newly launched Prodigy Finance scholarships), grants, and other gifts of money are always welcome – and much sought after.

But, students looking for scholarships to fund an international education continued to run into walls and obstacles. You know they are out there, but finding those scholarships has been a continual challenge. That’s just the beginning as well; understanding the requirements and tracking deadlines has always been problematic.

Or, it was. 

Scholarships just make sense

Just as Prodigy Finance looked to connect top international students with loans, We Make Scholars wanted to ensure scholarships for international students were accessible to those who needed them.

Born out of the struggles faced by Indian nationals studying in the United Kingdom, the We Make Scholars platform aimed to connect international students with the information needed regarding scholarships, grants, and other higher education opportunities.

We Make Scholars has grown tremendously over the past few years. Current and prospective students from 225 countries have registered on the site which provides information on over 18,000 scholarships and 4000 internships affiliated with top schools around the world.

Graduate level education isn’t cheap. International studies at this level are even more daunting. And, the minute you begin looking at top schools, it’s only natural that the fear of debt will creep into your exam prep and essay writing.

It shouldn’t.

There are ways to ensure top students admitted to top schools can access the education needed for success. While many universities provide accepted students with a financial aid package, other scholarships are available, so are collateral-free loans. And serious applicants should look at every option available to them. 

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