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Prodigy Finance - June 29, 2016

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While the world (and indeed the UK) considers the effects of Brexit, there’s one thing that’s unlikely to change – London will remain at the heart of the FinTech revolution. And, it’s a corner of the market that shows no sign of slowing.

That said, it’s important not to become carried away by the trends as our CEO, Cameron Stevens, pointed out in this article published on Tech City News. Even in London, FinTech is still relatively new, and the boundaries are still being determined.

As a FinTech player committed to education, Prodigy Finance is making news all over the globe. Just ask Flora Huang, an INSEAD graduate who now works at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. As one of the first to take advantage of a Prodigy loan to finance her MBA. A recent article on Business Because highlights her experience and reveals just how important FinTech disruption is for borrowers as well as investors.

You can read The future is bright for FinTech at Tech City News or FinTech: Prodigy Finance Is Propelling MBA Careers To Hollywood And Silicon Valley on Business Because. Or, you can keep an eye on our FinTech page. If you have specific questions about investing, check out our investor home page. Graduate school applicants can learn more about Prodigy Loans here.

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