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Prodigy Finance launches scholarship programme

Prodigy Finance - September 02, 2016

26 August 2016, London - Here at Prodigy Finance, we're pleased to announce our inaugural scholarship for students accepted to study at UK and US business schools. The new scholarship programme will sit alongside the lending for MBAs that Prodigy Finance has operated successfully since 2007.

The new scholarship programme is open to all of those who use Prodigy Finance to help fund their postgraduate degree, and will provide five students with $20,000 in funding towards their studies. There is no formal entrance requirement, except that students must be studying in the US or the UK.

Prodigy Finance will assess scholarship candidates by scoring them on a combination of academic aptitude and financial need. Only one scholarship will be awarded per academic institution.

Speaking about the programme, our CEO Cameron Stevens said:
“Applying to study at one of the world’s top universities is daunting, and at Prodigy Finance we are committed to making this worthwhile investment in your future easier and more accessible. Over 80% of those who use Prodigy Finance would otherwise not be able to finance their education.

The scholarship will allow even more international students to further their careers with a degree from a top university. We believe the financial services industry needs to work harder for the world’s most talented individuals regardless of where they are from.”

To learn more about the programmes that accept Prodigy Finance loans, click here.

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