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Prodigy Finance nominated for TWO City A.M. awards

Prodigy Finance - September 29, 2016


For the past six years, London's first free daily business newspaper, City A.M., have taken the time to recognise and celebrate organisations (and individuals) positively impacting the English business landscape.

The City A.M. Awards

The City A.M. Awards have quickly become a prestigious event on the November calendar. Businesses, individuals, and organisations are nominated by peers or individuals in the community. Shortlisted organisations are released, one at a time, in the City A.M. newspaper.

This year, Prodigy Finance is pleased to have been nominated for not just one, but two of these prestigious awards. We have been included in the shortlist for:

  • Fintech Company of the Year, and
  • Explosive Growth Company of the Year.
We believe these nominations are a nod to the work we do and the way we do it. And, the nominations have added a smile to the face of every single Prodigy employee – wherever they are in the world. We’re thankful that our efforts to provide greater access to post-graduate education are recognised by those who are also making a big difference in the world.

Of course, we’re up against some impressive competitors. Crowdcube, Monzo, Salary Finance, and Syndicate Room were also nominated for the Fintech Company of the Year Award. Sharing the nomination for Explosive Growth Company of the Year are BBOxx, COOK, Darktrace, and LendInvest. Each one of these companies is stellar in their own right, and we’re proud to be recognised among them.

Want to be the first to know the winners?

The City A.M. Awards 2016 will be held at Grange St Paul’s Hotel at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday 10 November. For more information, or to book at table at the event, City A.M.’s website has the details. We can’t wait for the evening to arrive and hope to see you there!

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