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Prodigy attends the Westminster Higher Education Forum

Anthony Hall - November 13, 2014

LBS Spotlight

Prodigy was recently invited to contribute on a panel at one of the Westminster Higher Education Forum events in London. The conference series is a parliamentary arranged forum for policy makers and industry influences to share views and collaborate on pertinent topics.

The focus of this panel was on the current mechanisms, but also the future ambitions, for attracting foreign students to pursue higher education in the UK. Keynote speakers highlighted the benefits of cross-border education, as well as the barriers faced by many students, including visa and immigration policies. (Read more about the funding barriers faced by foreign students here).

I was able to share some stats and success stories about Prodigy as a financing mechanism, as we have enabled thousands of foreign students from more than 90 countries to overcome the funding barrier and pursue higher education in the UK. As we open loan programmes with more business schools across the UK, the number will only grow.

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