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Panel: Study your Masters abroad and MBA financing, with Prodigy graduates

Vyom Vats - June 23, 2016

Delhi Panel-02

A perspective from a Prodigy Student Ambassador

Two weeks ago in Hyderabad, Prodigy Finance finished the last of its info sessions in India for this year’s admission cycle. The sessions were aimed at providing incoming Masters students an opportunity to meet with the Prodigy Finance team, learn about Prodigy’s loan products, and mingle with other Masters students.

Recently appointed as a Student Ambassador at Georgia Tech campus, I was eager to meet with the team and hence showed up at one of the sessions in New Delhi on the 2nd June. The session was conducted at Ardor, a restaurant and lounge bar located in the bustling Connaught Place, the heart of India’s capital city. It was hosted by Prodigy’s team consisting of Boaz Valkin and Rishabh Goel (Associate Relationship Managers) and Liz Reid (Student Brand Manager). As soon as the session began, the attendees started coming in and Boaz took to the stage to deliver the night’s presentation.

Info Session Presentation

Boaz introduced Prodigy Finance as a pioneer in community-based student financing, and then walked the attendees through the borrowing process in detail. He also touched upon how the rate is decided for borrowers (individually assessed), the maximum loan size (up to 80% of the program cost is available for financing), the loan term (either 7 or 10 years), co-signers (not required!), likelihood of getting funded, and the absolute freedom for the borrower to repay the loan earlier or to resize the loan. He then provided a representative example that showed how the monthly repayment amount is calculated, and educated the attendees about Libor (a benchmark rate that banks charge each other). The presentation ended with Boaz emphasising upon the communal spirit that lies at the heart of the organization, followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

Panel Discussion by 3 Alumni and Prodigy Finance repaid borrowers

The highlight of the evening, however, was the subsequent panel discussion of three Prodigy Finance repaid borrowers, anchored by Rishabh. It was the first-of-its kind and had Dhruv Dhanraj Bahl, an INSEAD alumnus who is presently an Assistant Vice President – Banking at Paytm, Arihant Jain, also an INSEAD alumnus who is Founder at JoeHukum, and Abhishek Jain, a Vlerick alumnus who is currently Product Manager at Adobe.

The three Prodigy Finance Alumni shared their respective MBA experiences, recounting their days at these premier business institutions as not a series of lectures and classes, but as a journey that provided them immense international exposure that in turn nurtured them into the entrepreneurs and business leaders they are today.

“My MBA class had students from 45 nationalities. When you put together an Indian, a Czech, an Argentinian, and a Japanese in a study group, the possibilities of learning from each other in an international setting truly shine through”, said Abhishek. Dhruv added to the motion by saying that “an education from an international school is the best addition there can be to your personality”.

Arihant too had some words of advice for applicants among the audience. “Applicants will most often find the cost of such programs prohibitive, and are wary of falling into what they believe to be a ‘debt trap’. But we’re proof that you can easily repay back whatever amount of money you borrow for your postgraduate studies. Don’t let money come between you and education”.

Vyom Vats

After the discussion, the panellists happily mingled with the audience consisting of Prodigy Finance borrowers who had completed the process (such as myself) in order to seek explanations to any queries on international Masters and Prodigy Finance. Even though the majority of attendees were applying for or had secured an admission to an MBA, the others heading for their postgraduate education in engineering subjects were happy to learn that Prodigy has extended its reach to additional Masters programs as well. And as the reach continues to expand, international students seeking admissions to varied programmes in need of efficient and low-cost financing, will have an easier time realizing their dreams.

This article was provided by Prodigy Finance Ambassador and borrower Vyom Vats, who will be studying his MS Analytics with the class of 2017 at Georgia Tech. Vyom is from India and currently holds a Consultant role at Fractal Analytics in Delhi.

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