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Prodigy Finance expands STEM offering to meet growing demand

Prodigy Finance - March 13, 2020

Prodigy Finance offers more international loans for STEM degrees

Prodigy Finance, the pioneer of cross-border lending for postgraduate international students, will now offer loans for over 1,000 additional postgraduate courses, with 800 of these in STEM subjects to address increasing demand for this sector.

As technology-focused industries continue to experience high job growth and strong salaries, Prodigy Finance has seen demand for STEM from international postgraduates overtake business programmes. By 2028, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates STEM jobs will grow 8.8%, compared to 5% for non-STEM jobs. Prodigy Finance’s algorithm assesses a student’s likely earnings after their postgraduate degree; adapting to the high employability of the sector means it can cater to the significant demand for STEM education and enable more top students to access higher education in this field.

Of the 800 new STEM courses, over 50% are in the sciences, complementing Prodigy Finance’s historic strength in business and engineering programmes. Over 100 new university partners have also been added to Prodigy Finance’s offering.

Joel Frisch

Joel Frisch, Head of Business Development at Prodigy Finance, said, “What we require from our workforce is evolving - so is the education people need to excel in it. At Prodigy Finance we’re dedicated to helping the brightest students in the world reach the best education programmes, and access to STEM is increasingly a huge part of that. To date we’ve supported over 18,600 international students in their postgraduate studies and, by expanding the schools and courses we support, we can continue to grow that number and make talent truly global.”

Prodigy Finance has now funded over $900m in graduate education loans to 18,600 high-potential students from 132 countries since its founding. 99.77% of its borrowers successfully graduated their courses and, according to its Impact Report, 72% say their postgraduate degree has allowed them to pursue their dream career. 

Need a loan for your STEM degree?

If you want to fund your own education with a security-free loan, discover what rate and amount you could qualify for with Prodigy Finance.

Prodigy Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Prodigy Finance is revolutionising the way students and investors see student loans. Fuelled by a community of funders, our student borrower base is given the chance to attend the world’s top universities. Over the last decade, our investors have received both a financial and social return, while thousands of students have gained access to higher education through our loans. We are ranked 33rd in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, the league table which ranks Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies.

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