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Join our Informational webinars for Harvard, Wharton and Booth students

Prodigy Finance - June 09, 2015

Join our Informational Webinars for Harvard

This week, Prodigy Finance is hosting informational 'Open Houses' for international students who'd like to learn more about our loan programmes. In particular: 

  1. What is my rate?
  2. What is the process to get a loan?
  3. What is the likelihood of getting a loan with Prodigy?
  4. What will my monthly payments be?
  5. And more...
Chicago Booth International Students

Today - Tuesday 9th June - we're hosting sessions at 12pm EST or 6pm. Sign up here.

Wharton International Students

We're hosting sessions for interested Wharton admits tomorrow - 10th June, 12pm EST or 6pm. Sign up here.

Harvard Business School International Students

Our sessions for international Harvard admits will be held on Thursday 11th June, 12pm EST or 6pm.

UPDATE: These sessions are now closed. 

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